Friday, November 4, 2011

Purgatory Is another Catholic Doctrine taken from Pagans

Have you really asked yourselves where
PURGATORY is being taught in the bible?
Or has Christ or the Apostles
ever taught this?

Catholics would normally take this post as an attack on their faith. But kindly consider the points being presented before you go in to that conclusion.  I was catholic before and its but natural for people to ask this without being accused of maligning the catholic faith.

So if ever you find things to be incorrect do share your points for us to consider so we can all benefit from this discussion.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Its a Cardinal Sin Who Accepts Money from SATAN

“If SATAN appears to ME and GIVES ME MONEY, I will ACCEPT the MONEY 
and spend it all on the poor. It is not the practice of the Church to ask
donors where the donations come from. Our duty is to make sure all
donations go to the poor,” said by Cardinal Sin got this here.
If thats really how Cardinal Sin felt. Then why didn’t he use the MONEY of the CHURCH which they OBVIOUSLY HAVE to spend on the poor?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

21 Points to Settle Ryan's "Church Apostasy" or is it just APOSTASY

WHEN will this SAVAGE WOLVEs come? AFTER

O ito dearest Ryan. Wag ka ng magpaikot ikot sa mga tanong mo. Lets finalize this dear:

1. Ryan dearest asked “Pleas clarify what you mean by "Church Apostasy".” Read my post dear there is no term as ARRANGED by your PREFERENCE in the BIBLE. Take note thats your PREFERRED ARRANGEMENT not ours.

2. What I am discussing is ECHOED simply in what is WRITTEN. An APOSTASY that will happen to the CHURCH as RELAYED by the APOSTLEs when they LEAVE. 

3. What will AFFECT the CHURCH when the apostle leave? the APOSTASY that simple.

The Catholic Church in the beginning is the Church of Christ

Mahina ba ang GANID NA LOBO?

Ryans misguided thinking "Ayusin muna ninyo itong hindi ninyo pagkakaintendihan so we can get back to your business, Jo King."

Matagal lang pong ayus dearrest. Ang ayusin mo dearest ay yun UNAWA ninyo. Mantakin mo naman dear ang LAYO ng UNAWA MO dun sa SINABI ni Cath.

And I though you harbor good reasoning but its faltering to the HILARIOUS side of being SILLY. No dear, I am not talking about CHILI. 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Answering Ryan - SUCCESSORs of the Apostles

Beware of Wolves in Sheep's Clothing. Men who
DISTORTs the TRUTH. Notice how they act when
it comes to the TRUTH written in the scriptrues.
They question theTRUTH written in the bible

Hi again dearest Ryan, seems your still avoiding answering the simple question dearest. 

This discussion seems to be one sided. Ok dearest I'll answer some of your questions again. You asked "So, you are saying that when we read the word "apostasy" in the Bible, it means Apostasy OF the Church or the Apostasy OF the ENTIRE Church. Do you confirm this?"

Don't dwell to much on what I say dearest. But on what the bible or your bible attest. Let me state again on "Apostasy OF the Church"...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Answering Ryan on Apostasy II

The APOSTATE Church is the church that abandoned the name of CHRIST.

On what you said dear Ryan "Therefore, let me reiterate for sake of clarity that there was indeed a prophesy for apostasy "in" the Church (NOT "of" the Church) and we have seen it happened. Clear?"

Well, thank you for pointing your position on the matter. But again that is not what the other catholics position stands on. I am basing this on the catholics I have discussed this with.

So on what you said "Contrary to your claim about my position or the Catholic position on this matter, we "accept the truth regarding the Apostasy." And, we, the true owner of the Bible "VALUE the TRUTH that is being RELAYED by the bible" and it is not "hard for you[us] to understand." "

Answering Ryan on the APOSTASY & Ownership of the Bible

Does the Catholic church OWN the WORDs in the BIBLE?

Hi dear Ryan, you said " It is clear that the Catholic Church, the owner of the Bible, recognizes the prophesy of apostasy in the Church in the Scriptures. This is very clear and obvious."

Owner of the bible? ok dearest if you insist then kindly SHOW us the document to SUBSTANTIATE your CLAIM.

Answering Ryan on Apostasy

By abandoning the name of Christ and replaced it with
the Catholic name which is just an INVENTED name, we
are quite certain that the APOSTASY is working
to this very day.

Dearest Ryan I am Jo King.  I do hope you remember that.  Its that simple. Its like those cheesecakes you just can't help but be drawn to it.  Like bees to flowers. Or if you prefer in your case like flies to garbage. That kinda thing. Am I Jo King? of course I am.

You said "With your long response, you failed to answer the question or substantiate your interpretation of your so called Apostasy Doctrine "in" the bible. "

Oh but I did dearest. Its not my fault if you can't accept the truth regarding the Apostasy. If you VALUE the TRUTH that is being RELAYED by the bible then it won't be that hard for you to understand. That the APOSTASY was indeed FORTOLD by the APOSTLEs.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Saan nagmula ang Catholic Church?


Ukol sa tanong ni Aerial at sagot ni Flewen:


sagot ni Flewen: OO, lahat ng mga Catholic resources ay nagsasabing ang Iglesiya katolika ay naitatag ito sa Jerusalem, ang Iglesiyang gawa ba ni manalo, galing ba sa jerusalem? obvious.

Opo, ang Iglesia Ni Cristo na tinuro ni Ka Felix ay nagmula po sa Jerusalem. Ito ang kawan na pinagpa-una ni Jesus nun pa man dearest. Di po obvious ito sa mga nagABANDONA sa pangalan ni Cristo at pinalitan ng Katoliko.

On Splendor: Cowards are like that also

How can Apostle Peter be a Pope when it was Apostles James who had the
FINAL DECISION in matters of the church?

The splendor blog has a lot of teachings that can fool an unwary catholic. And the owner obviously filters comments especially if the question of their faith is proven to be wrong.

Now I get it, this is how they defend. The blog is just for people like you dear. So they can continue to fool a lot of catholics.


Ukol sa Juan 17:1-5

Si Jesus mismo nagsasabi na IISA lang po ang TUNAY NA DIOS
at yun ang kanyang AMA. May TINURO ba si Jesus na 3 persons in one god?

Wala nga pong sinasabi talaga na hindi dios si cristo sa sitas dearest. Dahil sabi nga po sa Juan IISA ANG DIOS NA TUNAY at yun nga raw ang AMA ni Jesus.

Ang Hebrew 1:8 nilikot lang ang salin nito mga dearest kaya nga meron nilabas din ang mga Katoliko na version na hindi tinatawag si Cristo na dios ng tunay na Dios.

Ukol sa ilusyon ng isang pari:  The Splendor of the Church: DIOS BA O HINDI SI CRISTO AYON SA AMA? Part 3

Now I Get It

The Catholic church has a knack of CONCEALING the PEDOPHILE priest
and TRANSFERRING to other parishes. Thats why their INACTION has

On the tiara issue. Did the INC placed its point on the tiara or the title?

As you may well know the Catholics authorities have a knack of CONCEALING and TRANSFERRING pedophile priest.


Charice Pempengco's Conversion not out of Belief but Violence

I left the Catholic faith because their practice of worshiping images was never
practiced nor taught by the Apostles. If Charice wants to a Catholic then
thats her choice.

Excuse me dear the INC are not fanatics. We are all human like you. We never said we are perfect. the teachings of Christ and Apostles may be perfect but we as their followers are not. That is why we need salvation.
We are indeed saddened for the experiences Charice and her mother underwent from a person who should have been their defender. Who wouldn’t. That is why the INC leadership would not hesitate to expel the evil brethrens who do not abide by the teachings in the bible.
Regarding post of Flewen :

Pope is Jesus Christ himself and the Same as God

The is Jesus Christ himself? and the same as God? Really?

Flewen said “As you can see, since the pope portrays the authority vested on him, he only followed what the bible stated on the responsibility given to St. peter on the gospel. ”
Regarding this post:

Monday, September 5, 2011

Catholic name is an INVENTED name

Catholic name is an INVENTED NAME
by Rev. Taylor

A lot of Catholics believe their name to be biblical. They allude certain verse coming from the Greek bible as proof that the the Catholic name is indeed biblical. Unfortunately, that is the point being driven by their catholic defenders which is erroneous sad to say.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Retraction of Rosita Trillanes at ang hidwang unawa ng taga CFD

Kung totoo na hinukuman si Ka Felix ukol sa rape. Nasaan na yun pasya ng
hukuman ukol dun? WALA po. Ngayon sinasabi naman nila HINDI KUNO
makapagsampa si Rosita kaya hindi po siya nahukuamn. Abay kaya nga po
GUILTY si Ka Felix ng rape abay natural lang na masesentensiyan siya
PERO ang TOTOO WALA pong gayon nangyari kungdi mga SPEKULASYON
lang at walang TUNAY AT MATIBAY na BATAYAN.Dahil ang TOTOO
po MALINIS po sa Ka Felix dahil KUNG wala pong matinong babae na
BABALIK kung totoong na rape siya. At ang haka pa ng iba may pakinabang
kuno ang pagiging Diyakonesa. Boluntaryong TUNGKULIN po ito na WLANG
anoman monetary na pakinabang.

Ukol sa post po mula sa ating giliw na taga CFD mula sa post nila:

Naroon ang RETRACTION ni Kapatid na Rosita Trillanes at nagtretract nga po siya at dun napatunayang malinis ang pangalan ni Ka Felix ukol sa issue na ito. Meron mga kakatuwang sinasabi ang mga CFD.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ang Pagbabawal Sa Pagkain ng Dugo ay Panghabang Panahon

Did the Apostles or the first christian's ever did what the Catholics are doing?

May mga defensor katoliko na nagAAKALA po na ang DUGO raw ay maaaring  ITURING PAGKAIN ng isang TUNAY NA KRISTIYANO. 


At batay sa MALING AKALA nilang ito dun din po UMUUGAT naman ang pagPAPARATANG nila sa Iglesia Ni Cristo na HINDI daw po nakakaALAM sa kasulatan. Nakabatay lang po sa kanilang MALING PAGKA-UNAWA.

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