Friday, November 4, 2011

Purgatory Is another Catholic Doctrine taken from Pagans

Have you really asked yourselves where
PURGATORY is being taught in the bible?
Or has Christ or the Apostles
ever taught this?

Catholics would normally take this post as an attack on their faith. But kindly consider the points being presented before you go in to that conclusion.  I was catholic before and its but natural for people to ask this without being accused of maligning the catholic faith.

So if ever you find things to be incorrect do share your points for us to consider so we can all benefit from this discussion.

Purgatory according to a wikipedia source:

"According to Catholic belief, immediately after death, a person undergoes judgment in which the soul's eternal destiny is specified. Some are eternally united with God in Heaven, often envisioned as a paradise of eternal joy, where Theosis is completed and one experiences the beatific vision of God. Conversely, others reach a state called Hell, that is eternal separation from God often envisioned as a fiery place of punishment,"
Same source likewise states:

"According to Catholic doctrine, some souls are not sufficiently free from the temporal effects of sin and its consequences to enter the state of heaven immediately, nor are they so sinful as to be destined for hell either. Such souls, ultimately destined to be united with God in heaven, must first endure purgatory— a state of purification."
Who developed this doctrine? Did the Apostles or Christ ever taught such things? History from the same source gives us a window on how PURGATORY came to be.

"Theologians and other Christians then DEVELOPED the DOCTRINE regarding PURGATORY over the centuries, leading to the definition of the formal doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church on the matter (as distinct from the legendary descriptions) at the Second Council of Lyon (1274), the Council of Florence (1438–1445), and the Council of Trent (1545–63)."
So the Apostles and Christ had NOTHING to do with such doctrine. So it is safe to say that it is UNBIBLICAL without a doubt. But lets continue what they say about this:

"Purgatory had been INVENTED by Rome in A.D 593 but it remained a very UNPOPULAR DOCTRINE for many centuries. When Mass came into being however, these two innovations of the Roman Church became inseparably connected with each other..." Lucien Vinet, I was a Priest, pp. 43-44

So like the name of the CATHOLIC this doctrine is again an INVENTION by ROME. It remained UNPOPULAR for MANY CENTURIES until MASS came into being. PURGATORY and MASS are TWO INNOVATIONs of the ROMAN CHURCH and became inseparable CONNECTED with each other. 

So what else did they say about MASS and PURGATORY?
The Pope soon accepted this new idea and the Mass in connection with Purgatory was born. Today our readers know what a financial success the marriage of Mass and Purgatory has been. There is not a single product in the world toady that has been more successful financially than these two religious doctrines, mass and Purgatory" Lucien Vinet, I was a Priest, pp. 43-44

So now we know that these two doctrines where NEVER born or even TAUGHT by the APOSTLEs nor Christ. For it is MERELY an INVENTION by men of the cloth. 

Take note "There is not a single product in the world tody that has been more successful FINANCIALLY than these two religious doctrines, MASS and PURGATORY"

So where did PURGATORY really ORIGINATE. Was the INVENTION of PURGATORY an ORIGINAL piece DEVELOPED by Catholic Authorities?

"The Idea of Purgatory finds its roots in BUDDHISM and other ancient religious systems, long before the existence of the Roman Catholic Church..."  Dreyer and Weller p. 107
Now we KNOW that PURGATORY's roots never originated from the Catholics but from BUDDHISM and other ANCIENT RELIGIOUS systems. So we KNOW now that PURGATORY came from PAGAN origins COPIED by CATHOLIC Authorities.  

So lets go on to the BIBLICAL teachings regarding people who died. Can a person who DIED be able to KNOW anything from things done by the LIVING? 
The living know they will die, but the DEAD KNOW NOTHING. Dead people have no more reward, and people forget them. After people are dead, they can no longer love or hate or envy. They will NEVER AGAIN SHARE  in what happens here on earth.”  Eccle. 9:5-6 
So what about the SOUL of the DEAD where will it go?
For our SOUL is bowed down to the DUST; Our body clings to the ground.
Psalms 44:25
How about the SPIRIT of MAN, where will it go?
“You will turn back into the dust of the earth again, but your SPIRIT will return to God who gave it.” Eccl. 12:7
The SOUL of Man will cling to the DUST while the SPIRIT of Man will RETURN to God.  That is why the bible says the DEAD KNOW NOTHING. The DEAD can no longer INTERACT with the LIVING.

What about those paranormal activities which makes people inclined to believe that the dead can be actually reached out to the living.  People should be AWARE that in biblical times there are already EVIL SPIRITs preying on the the very beliefs of man.

These EVIL SPIRIT's know the very weakness of man. And one of those is thru their loves ones.  

The work of SATAN is not just to KILL or drive you to kill but to TAKE AWAY the very WORD or TEACHING of the ALMIGHTY GOD. And that is the DEAD KNOW NOTHING. 


  1. Ang mga artikulo mo sa ganang akin ay puro kathang isip,

    kung iyong nanaisin, hinahamon kita ng debate.


  2. Huh?! This is madness. This is a show of ignorance to the highest degree on such a beautiful, love-full, mercy-full, and reasonable Doctrine - the Doctrine of Purgatory.

    I find it amazing the the definition of Purgatory was taken from the very incredible "wikipedia" instead of the very authoritative "Catechism of the Catholic Church" published by the Vatican for the rest of the World.

    I find it equally amazing that the Doctrine is discredited on the basis of the claims of one "Lucien Vinet". Sino sya? Is he a reliable, credible and high-caliber expert of Church history and theology? Sino sya? How is is work cited as strong basis against a doctrine that even a great thinker such as Thomas Aquinas did not dare to have doubt? Sino sya?

    This author is truly joking - joking only, all the time. LOL!

  3. Oh come Ryan dearest, are you saying that just because you do not know Lucien from your favorite Aquinas doesn't mean he's unreliable dear.

    After all you do value the words of your priests. Unless your saying that you he views is not IN LINE with your CATECHISM.

    Well, dear you have to prove it. Unless your just JOKING ONLY.

    Ask yourself dearest when Lucien said "successful FINANCIALLY than these two religious doctrines, MASS and PURGATORY"

    Are you saying that your Church DIDN'T made a SINGLE DIME by PRACTICING those DOCTRINEs? are you SAYING that when a CATHOLIC request for a MASS for their DEARLY DEPARTED that SERVICE is GIVEN for FREE by your CATHOLIC AUTHORITIES?

    Really now you must be JOKING ONLY dear. See dearest thats SHOWs your IGNORANCE to the highest degree.

    How can that DOCTRINE be REASONABLE if such DOCTRINE OBViously COMES with a PRICE. A HEFTY one no doubt. Remember dear from the title itself I WAS A PRIEST gives you a clear view on the AUTHORs background.

    Madness? yup, that would be a good description of your PURGATORY dear. Imagine your "beautiful, love-full, mercy-full, and reasonable Doctrine - the Doctrine of Purgatory" was obviously taken from BUDHISM. I thought it was from your CATECHISM.

    Unless you'd like to dispute that FACT dear.

  4. Kathang isip? well sa ganang inyo po. Kaya lang ano basehan ninyo my dear. Madali lang magsabi ng gayon pero ano PATUNAY ninyo para PANIWALAAN mo yan sinasabi mo my dear?

    Dahil kung wala kayong PATUNAY abay yun pakaUNAWA ninyo ay nagmula lang sa KATHANG ISIP mo di po ba?

    Sige po dear Pio, ano po bang gusto ninyong pag debatihan? Purgatoryo.

  5. O dear Pio, dito ko nalang post sagot ko DAHIL may KADUWAGAN pala yan BLOG mo.


    O dito nalang tayo my dear mag OPEN DEBATE. dahil dito sa blog ko OPEN po ang COMMENTs box na ito at di nangangailangan ng APPROVAL para PATAS.

    Di tulad ng BLOG mo hindi OPEN kungdi CLOSED MUNA dahil kelangan ng APPROVAL my gulay.

    Masyado ka namang NERBIYOSA.

  6. Ang tanong ng ating dear Pio nanaman:

    "Paano mo nasabing si Jesu Cristo ang nagtatag ng inyong Relihiyon?"

    Simply lang po pinagpaunaw na po ni Jesus ang ukol sa IBA niyang mga TUPA dear. Dahil alam niya ang TUPA niya noon ay mahuhulog sa APOSTASIYA ayun sa BIBLIA.

    O ito naman ang sunod ng tanong ni dear Pio::

    "Ano ang naging saligan mo para masabing totoo ang inaangkin mong katotohanan?"

    Natural my dear BIBLIA lang po.

    O bago ka naman magtanong uli SAGUTIN mo rin dear yun TANONG mo.

  7. Ryan,

    HAHA TANGA! Alam mo ba kung paano magbasa ng wikipedia???? MY FOOTNOTE YAN!!!

    According to Catholic belief, immediately after death, a person undergoes judgment in which the soul's eternal destiny is specified.[18]

    18.^ Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1021–1022

    O anong masasabi mo???? Galing nga talaga yan sa "Catechism of the Catholic Church". Wala ka ba alam sa wikipedia??? Ang mga inpormasyon na nababasa mo sa wikipedia di lang yan basta pina publish may source ang inpormasyon!

  8. To Ryan:





  9. Naliligaw lang po sila ng kanilang maling unawa.

    History holds a lot of information regarding the rise of these catholic doctrines which never originated in anyway from the Apostles nor Jesus Christ.

    So kapag tatanungin mo sila ukol dun. Ang magagawa nalang nila ay depensahan nila ayun sa kanilang unawa dahil hindi po sila makakuha ng biblical basis on that misleading doctrine that was copied from budhism pala.

    Di po ba pagano iyon?

  10. This is a huge disregard of history theology but understandable from a group that has made the same blunder that all groups have made since the revolt called the reformation. Religions based on the premise of sola scriptura will fracture and continue fracturing into obscurity or become more intolerant than those they accuse of persecution.
    No early one in the early church claimed scripture alone. The new testament as we know it did not develop until the fourth century. The Old testament used by Christians followed the Greek text which included the books later Christian books that Luther pulled out at the time of the reformation.
    Where did Christian belief come from and how did it develop. Most new religions say the corruption began at the beginning because they cannot point to believes that back up their interpretations of the bible. The problem of course during the 1st and 2nd century the worst persecutions against Christians was happening. The Government in Rome was not supportive of the Christian sect and was attempting to eliminate it. So we see know alliance between it and the Church in Rome. In many cases The Bishops of Rome were martyred for defending the faith.
    This faith was the faith apostles creed and later the Nicaean Creed which fleshed out the apostles creed.
    The faith was passed down from Jesus through the apostles their successors the Bishops who appointed Priests to represent them dispensing the sacraments of Baptism and Communion to the laity who carried the graces into the world through their ordinary lives. That message can be seen fleshed out in the writings of the first thousand years of the Church from 100's Polycarp who studied under the Apostle Paul to first millennium and especially in the testimony of the Martyrs as it spread eastward. Do we say that these people did not Christ what arrogance which is the same arrogance of the Protestants. Reading this makes me sad for those who have been sold this bill of goods I will pray for you.

  11. You state "No early one in the early church claimed scripture alone".

    Do read your bible it states "DO NOT GO BEYOND WHAT IS WRITTEN"

    That is what the TRUE FOLLOWERs have been taught since the time of the apostles.

    Apostles Paul actually pointed out WHO and WHEN those who will DISTORT the TRUTH our dear Jaan.

    Apostle Paul said that AFTER THEY LEAVE...thats WHEN these MEN who will DISTORT the TRUTH will come.

    So CORRUPTION began when the APOSTLEs had left. So those who CAME AFTER the APOSTLEs are those WHO WILL DISTORT the TRUTH.

    And rightly so Apostle Paul was RIGHT. Thats when the false teaching of INFANT BAPTISM came in. The teaching on the use of the ROSARY taken from PAGANs.

    The use of idols for WORSHIP which was never really taught by the apostles.

    And we are likewise sad for those who have been sold with this bill of goods that was NEVER taught nor even practiced by the apostles. We hope for your better understanding.

  12. Our dear Jaan states "This is a huge disregard of history theology but understandable from a group that has made the same blunder that all groups have made since the revolt called the reformation."

    That would be your silly understanding dearest. We know EXACTLY what the history of your theology had done. It is actually you who have a HUGE DISREGARD of your history on what your theologians did in COMPARISON to the TEACHINGs of the TRUE APOSTLESs of Christ.

    The post points to teachings INJECTED by people who believe that their KNOWLEDGE is better than what the SCRIPTUREs had to offer.

    The TRUE FOLLOWERs followed the SCRIPTUREs the ones who CAME AFTER the APOSTLEs clearly had NO INTENTION TO DO SO.

    So who FOLLOWED the BLUNDERs made by those who CAME AFTER THE APOSTLES?


    Thats why you have this silly understanding that :

    "Religions based on the premise of sola scriptura will fracture and continue fracturing into obscurity or become more intolerant than those they accuse of persecution. "

    That would be your misguided understanding my dearest. The APOSTLEs and their TRUE FOLLOWERs have long based their faith SOLELY UPON THE SCRIPTUREs.

    Your theologians and authorities knows that. But then how can they follow what the APOSTLEs had done for the ONEs who CAME AFTER the APOSTLEs clearly had a DIFFERENT AGENDA.

    Their INTENTION was to DISTORT THE TRUTH. Thats why it is not surprising that many people like Jaan were DECIEVED in believing that SOLA SCRIPTURA is the wrong way to go.

    Thats why after the APOSTLEs had left you got the WRONG END of the STICK. You accepted TEACHINGS NEVER taught by the APOSTLEs or CHRIST.

    Thats why the CATHOLICs teaching are fracturing and continue to fracture thats why many catholics had left to find greener pastures.

    Thats why many religions had sprung up DUE to the OBVIOUS FRACTUREs in the TEACHINGS of the CATHOLIC FAITH. Our dear Jaan seems to have OVERLOOKED that vital point.

    That is why it is really UNDERSTANDABLE that people like you who have not opened up to the TRUE FAITH written in the SCRIPTUREs are still in the FRACTURED STATE of TEACHINGs WHOSE BASIS IS ONLY THE KNOWLEDGE OF MEN in cloth who Protects the PEDOPHILE PRIESTs of theirs and PAID HUGE SUMS TO SETTLE the ATROCITIEs inflicted to their own constituents.

    That is why we are saddened by the likes of Jaan who were SOLD to the BILL OF GOODs by those who CAME AFTER THE APOSTLEs in which we KNOW that their INTENTION WAS TO DISTORT THE TRUTH.


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