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Catholic name is an INVENTED name

Catholic name is an INVENTED NAME
by Rev. Taylor

A lot of Catholics believe their name to be biblical. They allude certain verse coming from the Greek bible as proof that the the Catholic name is indeed biblical. Unfortunately, that is the point being driven by their catholic defenders which is erroneous sad to say.

It is not really surprising that most catholics are taking it Hook, Line and Sinker. Kindly pardon such terms if your offended. But allow me to point out why I have said this.

The the verse they use is: 
Act 9:31 Hai men oun e EKKLESIA KATH'OLES tes Ioudaias kai Galalaias kai Samarias.
And KATH' OLES they would like impose that this term refers to the CATHOLIC name.

Unfortunately for them, that translation when translated by other biblical scholars has NEVER been rendered nor referred to the Catholic name.

What a Catholic authority rather attest is that the Catholic name is just an INVENTED NAME.
The Church founded by Christ is here, for the first time, called ‘the Catholic Church’, a name clearly to denote the Church throughout the world in union with the see or diocese of Rome. It was stress the unity of the universal Church that St. Ignatius invented the name.
(Roman Catholic, Rev. Edward Taylor, p.3)
So its not really surprising that the Catholic name is NEVER found in the bible. whether it be a Catholic or Protestant translation.

It is just unfortunate this is being used to fool the unwary soul if one just takes his mentor's word for it.

If anyone here does not agree. then by all means do find an English translation referring to that verse and that the greek term to be the Catholic name. 

The greek term KATH'OLIS does not in anyway refer to the Catholic name. hence, several english translations of the same verse has never rendered it to refer to the Catholic name. 

For the Catholic name according to a catholic authority Rev. Edward Taylor said that the "Catholic" name was just an INVENTED NAME. No doubt about that.


  1. The name Roman Catholic was invented in 1870.

    Kaya walang basehan na naitatag ang Catholicism noong 33 AD.

  2. Ayun sa ating mga kapatid sa Iglesia ni Cristo 1914 ni Felix Manalo ang IGLESIA CATOLIKA APOSTOLIKA ROMANA ay LETRA POR LETRA walang mababasa sa Bibliya, ibig sabihin hindi ito ang tunay na itinatag ni Cristo. Dahil si Cristo nagtatag dapat "Iglesia ni Cristo" ang pangalan---iyun ang tanging basehan sa tunay na iglesia.

    Unang una sa Bibliya noong itinayo ni Cristo ang Kanyang iglesia (Mateo 16:18) ay napakalinaw HINDI nya ito PINANGALANAN.

    Nakaraming sekta ang UMAANGKIN nito porket may pangalan CRISTO o DIOS eh iyun na agad ang paniniwalaan.

    Isa na rito ang Iglesiang sumulpot noong July 27, 1914 na itinatag ni Felix Y. Manalo dahil sa napakagulong turo at aral ng ating mga kapatid sa INC1914 nakalimutan na ata nila ang pahayag at itinuro nito sa kanilang Official Magazine ----ang PASUGO.

    Ang PAHAYAG, PAG-AMIN at PATOTOO ng kanilang Pasugo ay ganito.....

    "Ang IGLESIA KATOLIKA na sa panimula ay syang IGLESIA NI KRISTO."
    -Pasugo April 1966, page 46

    Kitams, panimula pala ibig sabihin mula sa umpisa ito ang Iglesia ni Cristo na totoo meaning itinatag ni Cristo.

    dagdag pa nito, mula pa din sa Pasugo....

    "The Church of Christ during the time of the Apostles became the Catholic Church of the bishops in the second century..."
    -Pasugo March-April 1992, page 22

    “The Church of Christ has truly became the Catholic Church, the Writers and Historians continue to treat both as synonymous
    -Pasugo, January-March 1995 page 8

    Ano ibig sabihin ng "synonymous"? -different word but the same meaning.
    Kaya kung makakabasa ang INC1914 ng Iglesia ni Cristo sa Bibliya, ibig sabihin niyan reperendo ito sa Iglesya Katolika.

    At marami pang dagdag na PATOTOO ang tatag ni Felix Manalo mula sa kanilang Pasugo....

    "So we don't question the claim of the Catholic apologist, that the CATHOLIC CHURCH alone could trace back its origin from the apostles."
    -Pasugo, April 1965, Page 41 (Bro. C.P. Sandoval)

    "Even secular history shows a direct time link between the Catholic Church and the Apostle, leading to the conclusion that the true Church of Christ is the Catholic Church."
    -Pasugo July-August 1988, page 6

  3. Maliban sa kanilang PAG-AMIN at PATOTOO sa Pasugo ay merun ding MABIBIGAT na mga reperensya na nagpapatunay din nito na ang Catholic Church ay syang itinatag ni Cristo sa Jerusalem...

    Basahin natin....


    Merriam Websters Elementary Dictionary- "Catholic a member of a Christian church tracing its history back to the apostles."

    The New Book of Knowledge, Page 287 “Roman Catholic Church” –the history of the Roman Catholic Church begun in an upper room in Jerusalem almost 2,000 years ago. About 120 persons were gathered there. They were followers of Jesus Christ, and they were awaiting the coming of Holy Spirit he had promised to send them from heaven. The day on which the Holy Spirit came down is considered the birthday of the Church. The Church may be described as the society that Jesus founded, which is vitalized by the Spirit of God and organized to a structure which he establish. The history of Roman Catholic Church traces the destinies of that society from its beginning until now.

    The World Almanac and Book of Facts Page 688 “Roman Catholics” –traditionally founded by Jesus who named St. Peter the 1st vicar, developed in early Christian proselytizing, especially after the conversion of imperial Rome in the 4th century.

    The History of Our World, Page 147, “Jesus, the founder of the Christian religion….”

    The New Webster’s Dictionary of English Language Page 155. Catholic = of the original Christian Church before the schism between East and West // of the Roman or Western Church after this schism and before the reformation.

    International Encyclopedia, Volume 20, Page 520 “Roman Catholic Church” There are two equally valid definition of the Catholic Church, comparable to the twofold nature of Jesus Christ, its founder, who was both human and divine.

    Young Students Encyclopedia, Volume 17, Page 261 “Roman Catholicism” the largest of the Christian denomination is the Roman Catholic Church. As an institution it has existed since the 1st century AD,…”

    The Old World and America, Page 100 “More than 1900 years ago, Jesus Christ Son of God, came upon earth to save mankind. After His atoning death on the cross He rose glorious and immortal. Before leaving this world to go to the Father, Our Lord founded the Catholic Church and gave to that Church the command to teach all nations.”

    Compton’s Encyclopedia & Fact-Index, Volume 20, Page 2024 “Roman Catholic Church” For the first thousand years after the death of Jesus Christ, all Christians were members of one religion – Christianity. There were no separate sects, or branches, of Christianity as there are today. The word “catholic” means “universal,” and for those first thousand years, all Christians were members of the Catholic Church.

    Grollier Encyclopedia, Volume V, page 106 “Catholic Church (Gr. Katholikos, universal, general). Term generally applied to the Divine society founded by Jesus Christ, and endowed by the outpouring of the Holy Ghost on the day of Pentecost.

    Microsoft Student 2009 DVD (an Ebook), Traditionally, the church is said to have four marks, or notes: one, holy, catholic, and apostolic. Microsoft ® Encarta ® 2009. © 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    The Philippines: A Unique Nation by Dr. Zonia Zaide (Historian) page 123, "The greatest legacy of Spain to the Filipino people is Christianity, specially the Catholic Religion strangely this religion was ancient in origin being founded by Jesus Christ in Palestine.

  4. PATOTOO mula sa iba't ibang sekta na ang IGLESIA KATOLIKA ang syang TUNAY NA ITINATAG NI CRISTO!!!


    Seventh Day Adventist Church:

    The voice of prophecy –Friendship Course- F-12, Jun Sabate, “Oo, katoliko ang matuod nga iglesya! (tagalog: "OO, Katoliko ang TUNAY NA IGLESIA!)

    The voice of prophecy –Friendship Course- F-19, Jun Sabate, “Usa ka kinaiya sa matuod nga iglesia mao ang panaghiusa… Laing timaan sa matuod nga iglesya mao ang pagkabinalaan… Ang ikatulong timaan sa matuod nga iglesia mao ang iyang pagka-katoliko o pagka-universal… Tinuod ang ikaupat ug hinungdanong timaan sa matuod nga iglesya mao ang iyang pagkaapostoliko.

    Jehovah’s Witnesses:

    Pagmata, Pebrero 2007, page 4, “Ang mga Latino Amerikanong mas tigulang makahinumdom pa sa panahon nga usa ra ang relihiyon, ang Romano Katolisismo.” (Tagalog: "Ang mga Latinong Amerikano ay mas matanda pang nakaalala sa panahon na iisa pa lamang ang relihiyon, ang Romano Katolisismo.")

    Mark D. Taylor (President of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.):

    The Complete Book of Bible Knowledge, By Mark D. Taylor, page 290, “Roman Catholic church- For the first thousand year after Christ, the church was catholic (universal) and unified.”

    Kita na maging ang INC1914, World History at iba't ibang grupong pangrelihiyon ay nagpapatunay nito na ang CATHOLIC CHURCH ay TATAG NI CRISTO.

    Pangalan lamang ba ang BATAYAN sa tunay na itinag ni Cristo??!!! HINDI, dahil napakaraming sekta ang may pangalan na "Iglesia ni Cristo" o "Church of Christ" at iyong iba pa nga mas nauna sa Iglesia na itinatag ni Felix Manalo ibig bang sabihin LAHAT iyun dahil may pangalan "IGLESIA NI CRISTO" ay TOTOO na??


    Ano naman ang pangbawi ng Iglesia ni Manalo hinggil dito, ito ang kanilang PALUSOT!!

    Pasugo October 2001
    "The name CHURCH OF CHRIST is not the only identifying mark of those who belong to CHRIST!!!!"

    Hehehehe, BUMIGAY!!!!

  5. Dahil gusto nila LETRA POR LETRA, ibalik din natin ang tanong sa kanila:
    1. Si Felix Manalo ba LETRA POR LETRA mababasa sa Bibliya?
    2. May sinabi ba ang Bibliya na LETRA POR LETRA ang OFFICIAL NAME ng iglesia ay IGLESIA NI CRISTO?

    Hehehe, sa itaas INAMIN naman na nila na ang IGLESIA KATOLIKA ay syang IGLESIA NI CRISTO ano pa ang PINAGLALABAN NILA? PRIDE, KATANGAHAN, YAMAN at KAPURIHAN ni Felix Manalo!!!

    Sila bang sumulpot noong JUly 27, 1914 merun bang STANDARD REFERENCES na nagsasabing ang sumulpot sa Punta Sta Ana, Manila ay si Kristo ang nagtatag?? --WALA NAMAN, bunga lamang ito sa sariling KABULASTUGAN ni Felix Manalo ang LAHAT para madaling makapangloko.


    Kaya huwag magpalinlang sa pangalan, hindi dahil may pangalan ni Cristo ay iyun na AGAD ang paniwalaan.

    Napakaraming sekta na may pangalan "IGLESIA NI CRISTO" pero HINDI naman kay Cristo!

    Malinaw ang binigay na BABALA sa Bibliya tungkol sa mga bulaan.....

    “Sapagka't may magsisilitaw na mga BULAANG CRISTO, at mga bulaang propeta, at mangagpapakita ng mga dakilang tanda at mga kababalaghan; ano pa't ililigaw, kung maaari, pati ng mga hirang” (Mateo 24:24).

    “At sumagot si Jesus at sinabi sa kanila, Mangagingat kayo na huwag kayong mailigaw ninoman. Sapagka't marami ang magsisiparito sa aking pangalan, na mangagsasabi, AKO ANG CRISTO; at ililigaw ang marami” (Mateo 24:4-5).

    IISA LAMANG ang iglesia na itinatag ni Cristo at ito'y pinangakuan Nya....

    kahit ang kamatayan ay HINDI kayang magsipagdaig laban sa kanya (iglesia)--Mateo 16:18

    Sasamahan ni Hesus ang Kanyang iglesia HANGGANG SA KATAPUSAN NG SANLIBUTAN (Mat 28:20)

    Ang iglesia ay Haligi at saligan ng katotohanan (1 Tim. 3:15)

    Inaalagaan ni Cristo-Jesus ang kanyang Iglesia (Efe. 5:29)

    Sasamahan ng Espirito Santo ang Iglesia magpakailan man (Juan 14:16, 26)

    Ang Dios ay magtitindig ng isang kahariang hindi maibabagsak kailanman… (Dan. 2:44)

  6. Ano ang book ni Edward taylor na ang name catholic is invented?


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