Monday, September 5, 2011

Catholic name is an INVENTED name

Catholic name is an INVENTED NAME
by Rev. Taylor

A lot of Catholics believe their name to be biblical. They allude certain verse coming from the Greek bible as proof that the the Catholic name is indeed biblical. Unfortunately, that is the point being driven by their catholic defenders which is erroneous sad to say.

It is not really surprising that most catholics are taking it Hook, Line and Sinker. Kindly pardon such terms if your offended. But allow me to point out why I have said this.

The the verse they use is: 
Act 9:31 Hai men oun e EKKLESIA KATH'OLES tes Ioudaias kai Galalaias kai Samarias.
And KATH' OLES they would like impose that this term refers to the CATHOLIC name.

Unfortunately for them, that translation when translated by other biblical scholars has NEVER been rendered nor referred to the Catholic name.

What a Catholic authority rather attest is that the Catholic name is just an INVENTED NAME.
The Church founded by Christ is here, for the first time, called ‘the Catholic Church’, a name clearly to denote the Church throughout the world in union with the see or diocese of Rome. It was stress the unity of the universal Church that St. Ignatius invented the name.
(Roman Catholic, Rev. Edward Taylor, p.3)
So its not really surprising that the Catholic name is NEVER found in the bible. whether it be a Catholic or Protestant translation.

It is just unfortunate this is being used to fool the unwary soul if one just takes his mentor's word for it.

If anyone here does not agree. then by all means do find an English translation referring to that verse and that the greek term to be the Catholic name. 

The greek term KATH'OLIS does not in anyway refer to the Catholic name. hence, several english translations of the same verse has never rendered it to refer to the Catholic name. 

For the Catholic name according to a catholic authority Rev. Edward Taylor said that the "Catholic" name was just an INVENTED NAME. No doubt about that.

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  1. The name Roman Catholic was invented in 1870.

    Kaya walang basehan na naitatag ang Catholicism noong 33 AD.


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