Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Its a Cardinal Sin Who Accepts Money from SATAN

“If SATAN appears to ME and GIVES ME MONEY, I will ACCEPT the MONEY 
and spend it all on the poor. It is not the practice of the Church to ask
donors where the donations come from. Our duty is to make sure all
donations go to the poor,” said by Cardinal Sin got this here.
If thats really how Cardinal Sin felt. Then why didn’t he use the MONEY of the CHURCH which they OBVIOUSLY HAVE to spend on the poor?

These priest are hilariously deceptive. They have no qualms in SPENDING donated money when in FACT they are HARD PRESSED when it comes to SPENDing their own CHURCH MONEY.

The late Cardinal said “It is not the practice of the Church to ask donors where the donations come from”.  Yes, even if it came from SATAN himself they have no second thoughts in ACCEPTING such SATANIC offer. 

Imagine the offer mentioned by the late Cardinal is just MONEY from SATAN. Which he intends to give to the poor.  However, good the INTENTION it may SEEM to be.  What GOOD will it bring  for SOMEONE to GAIN the WHOLE WORLD  however GOOD their INTENTION maybe  yet FORFEIT his own SOUL by ACCEPTING from SATAN? Nor for those who FOLLOW the Satanic Example of the late Cardinal.

Matthew 16:26 NIV “26 What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?

SATAN is portrayed in the BIBLE as a GREAT DECEIVER. For a priest or Cardinal to say such a thing however he cover coats it with GOOD INTENTIONs just shows how he can easily ACCEPT SATANs offer. But at what price? Will that GOOD INTENTION redeem his SOUL? Or those who THINK that the late Cardinal's example is Christian in nature.

Obviously not, what the late Cardinal didn't seem to understand that Jesus was offered a much HEFTIER price than MONEY. He was offered ALL THE KINGDOMs of the WORLD and THEIR SPLENDOR. Just so Jesus would ACCEPT SATANs offer.
Matthew 4:8-10 NIV “8 Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him ALL THE KINGDOMS OF THE WORLD and THEIR SPLENDOR. 9 “All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me.”
Did Jesus accept? Isipin mo yan hindi lang PERA yan kundi LAHAT ng KAHARIAN ng buong mundo pa nga ang OFFER. Abay maraming MAHIHIRAP ang MATUTULUNGAN ni Jesus sa KAYAMAN na yun di po ba? Kung susundan natin ang MALING UNAWA ng yumaong Cardinal. PERO TINANGAP ba ni Cristo?
Matthew 4:10 ” 10 Jesus said to him, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.’”

Abay PINALALAYAS nga niya si SATANAS. Pero itong Katolikong Cardinal pa man din. TATANGAPIN niya ang offer ni SATANAS.  

Maka Cristo po ba ang ugali ng yumaong Cardinal o makaSATANAS?

Abay obvious naman di po ba? Kaya po marami po kaming dating mga katoliko na umalis sa Katoliko dahil nalaman namin na ang mga tagapagTURO mismo ng mga Katoliko ganito ang PAG-IISIP.

At salamat nalang sa AWA ng IISANG DIOS na TUNAY ang AMA.  Kinahabagan kami at dinala sa TUNAY na Iglesia Ni Cristo. Na dun namin nalaman kung BAKIT gayon nalang ang mga pagtuturo ng mga PARING KATOLIKO.

Sila pala yun sinasabi ni Apostol Pablo na pagALIS NILA ay dun lilitaw ang mga TAONG MAMABABALUKTOT ng KATOTOHANAN.  

Ang mga APOSTOLIC SUCCESSORs ika nga. Na kung AALAMIN natin ito pala yun nagABANDONA sa PANGALAN ni CRISTO at PINALITAN ng pangalang KATOLIKO na INIMBENTONG pangalang lamang.


  1. I think that it was a poor choice of words. But to put your basis on merely a sentence from the archbishop is a little too much. Don't you think that his years of service to the Filipino people warrants him a little bit of respect? What have you done for others, my dear Christian? For you to call a former archbishop of the Philippines "MAKASATANAS", aren't you getting ahead of yourself? Matthew 7:1 “Judge not, that you be not judged." It seems that you read the bible. But reading is not enough. Be a REAL Christian and put the words of God into your heart.

  2. My dear Nostalgicbystander, I can understand where your coming from but the issue is on what your Cardinal stands on. So whether you like it or not it is how your Cardinal relayed it and stands by it with regards to the matter being discussed.

    Actually, your the one personally judging also your own Cardinal that he made "a poor choice of words". Which is based purely on your PERSONAL OPINION to defend your Cardinal.

    I have no intention whatsoever to judge your dear Cardinal dearest as you seem to imply. It is understandable that you are offended by this post as you are not that keen on what a persons stands on. Espescially if that person SPEAKS in BEHALF of your CHURCH.

    Your dear Cardinal clearly PRONOUNCED what your Church stands by that "It is not the practice of the Church to ask donors where the donations come from."

    So it is understandable therefore that your dear Cardinal stated "If SATAN appears to ME and GIVES ME MONEY, I will ACCEPT the MONEY and spend it all on the poor."

    So be rational my dear you state "For you to call a former archbishop of the Philippines "MAKASATANAS", aren't you getting ahead of yourself?"

    No, dearest it seems your the one whose getting ahead of yourself not me. Can you find in my post that I DIRECTLY stated what your trying to IMPLY?

    I posted a question "Maka Cristo po ba ang ugali ng yumaong Cardinal o makaSATANAS?" based on what he stated, the answer may be OBVIOUS but I didnot take upon myself to directly state which your trying to imply. I leave it up to you and readers of this post.

    When it comes to salvation dear, people should be WARY with this kind of a stand. I have no power to judge your Cardinal dearest. He is judged by what he STANDs on. We can do nothing about that because it is WHAT HE BELIEVEs IN.

    I am merely POINTING to a FACT he stated. And clearly SPOKE on your CHURCH STAND on the said matter. Have I falsely accused him of accepting money from satan? of course not. He himself said so.

    to be continued...

  3. Continuation....

    Why do you judge me when the POINT on WHO would ACCEPT MONEY FROM SATAN your Cardinal without a doubt clearly stated that fact? Did I FALSELY ACCUSE your Cardinal of that fact? of course not. He stated it with all CONVICTION and he even clearly SPOKE in BEHALF of your CHURCH.

    It is a CHOICE if what your Cardinal states is in fact FOR CHRIST or FOR SATAN. That simple.

    Poor choice of words? really now? Don't judge your Cardinal based on your personal intention to defend him dear. Unless your saying you KNOW BETTER than him.

    I do read the bible dear and however imperfect I am I try to follow it and stand by it with all my heart.

    What my post is conveying is if such a STAND by your CARDINAL is PRO CHRIST or PRO SATAN? that simple.

    Thats why I posted this because I stand by what the true followers stand on. And in COMPARISON to what the TRUE FOLLOWERs stand it clearly is quite CONTRARY to what your Cardinal is standing on dear. Unless your saying such

    How can you FOLLOW the WORDs of the ALMIGHTY if you CANNOT even COMPARE the TRUTH from the FALSE?

    The Scriptures is there to GUIDE us dear not to be used for your personal intention to protect your Cardinal whose willing to ACCEPT MONEY from SATAN himself.

    You should FOLLOW what your advising me dear and put the words of God into your heart. The verse you stated is just part of the chapter pertaining to such acts and if you do this in verse 2 it states "For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you."

    The MEASURE that my post used is ALSO in the BIBLE and not my personal views. Should I be judged with the same measure, am I FOR CHRIST for I will NEVER ACCEPT anything from SATAN as Christ had clearly TAUGHT.

    You should put the words of God in your heart and DECIDE was the STATEMENT of your dear Cardinal PRO CHRIST or PRO SATAN. Can you STAND by the Words of God or are you just a follower of a man who is clearly willing to ACCEPT MONEY FROM SATAN?

    What have I done for others? I have dear in my own little way. But it is not for me to brag. What you can clearly see is I STAND BY THE WORDs of GOD and CHRIST not for Satan. Can you say the same thing for your Cardinal?

    You ask "Don't you think that his years of service to the Filipino people warrants him a little bit of respect?"

    But I do dear. I accept that what he STANDs for is what he TRULY believes in. I am not like you who seems to DOWNGRADE your Cardinal's statement as a POOR CHOICE OF WORDs.

    It is actually you who refuses to accord your Cardinal with RESPECT to what he clearly stated. Do take this into consideration my dear nostalgicbystander.

    And do take note dear although your dear Cardinal's service to the catholic Filipino People is commendable. In the end, it is the service one accords to the Almighty that will also be accounted for.

    Accepting money even from Satan is NO way commendable dear. You do know that.

  4. Saan naman mababasa na ang alok ng Diablo pag ginawa para sa kabutihan,kabutihan pa rin?

    Malaking fail naman.

    Once a Devil's Deal is always a Devil's Deal.

  5. basta galing sa masama sa demonyo yan kung ikaw pari at magbibigay sayo demonyo ng pera para itulong mo sa mahihirap kalokohan yan parang binigay mo nadin ang kalulUwa mo kay taning... magsikap sa sariling kakayahan kung gusto magkapera at kung ito ay itutulong mo sa kapwa mo


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