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Vicarius Filii Dei is an accepted title for the Pope

A shot for peace
Flewen states with regards to the Donation of Constantine  VFD (Vicarius Filii Dei) is a clear lie.”

1.       VFD a clear lie??? You are clearly being misled by your MISGUIDED UNDERSTANDING.  You simply do not understand what your mentors attest.
2.       When they found that document of the donation was a forgery. You should understand that their basis in finding that the document to be a forgery WAS NOT  with regards to the  VFD TITLE BESTOWED to your POPE dearest.  Don’t be silly. It was the type of LANGUAGE used which COULD NOT HAVE BEEN WRITTEN in the FOURTH CENTURY. 

3.       Among the indications that the Donation must be a fake are its language and the fact that, while certain imperial-era formulas are used in the text, some of the Latin in the document could not have been written in the fourth century; anachronistic terms such as "fief" were used.” Wikipedia
4.       See dearest the LANGUAGE used in the DONATION OF CONSTANTINE could NOT have been written in the fourth century. The LANGUAGE terms used was simply NOT the TYPE of LANGUAGE used in the FOURTH CENTURY or in the time of CONSTANTINE. That was the basis that they CONSIDERED the DONATION to be a FORGERY.
5.       It did not refer to the VFD title of your POPE dearest as your misguided thinking believes.
6.       If the VFD was a clear lie then the FIRST POPE – POPE LEO IX who used this DOCUMENT would have found it to be so as the DOCUMENT clearly ADDRESSES the POPE by this VFD title. 
7.       Who do you think prepared the document if not a CATHOLIC clergy or official to BENEFIT your church.
8.       See dearest the DONATION OF CONSTANTINE is a clear evidence that the CATHOLIC CHURCH clearly BENEFITED FROM LIEs and DECEITFUL DOCUMENTs not from truthfulness. Wouldn’t you agree?
9.       I’m sure you would agree. Unless your living on the fantasy that your church is not into COVERING UP LIEs thru DECEITFUL MEANs. Now are you?
10.   Why do I say this? Because the DONATION was USED not for just days, weeks, months or years but CENTURIES dearest CENTURIES.
11.   The first pope to directly invoke the decree was Pope Leo IX, in a letter sent in 1054 to Michael I Cerularius, Patriarch of Constantinople.[3] He cited a large portion of the document, believing it genuine,[6][7] furthering the debate that would ultimately lead to the East–West Schism.SOURCE
12.   In the 11th and 12th centuries, the Donation was OFTEN CITED in the investiture conflicts between the papacy and the secular powers in the West.” Wikipedia
13.   See dearest your POPEs without a doubt used the DOCUMENT that’s why he believes IT to be GENUINE then. The first POPE never indicated nor mentioned the VFD as an INCORRECT TITLE. Now did he? Of course not. HE BELIEVE it to be CORRECT and ACCEPTED title for POPEs.
14.   If the VFD TITLE of the POPE in the DOCUMENT was a CLEAR LIE and indeed the VFD was never USED for your POPEs then HE of ALL PEOPLE should have found the DOCUMENT to be a FAKE on that BASIS ALONE.
15.   Unless you’re saying your POPE was that STUPID not to NOTICE the VFD TITLE being used to ADDRESS him. Well, kindly just say so.
16.   Did he PROTEST? NO… where their POPEs who succeeded him indicated the VFD title to be INCORRECT? NEVER.
17.   Has the Vatican then even ISSUED a STATEMENT that the VFD title is an INCORRECT TITLE? NEVER not even AFTER the document was found to be a FORGERY. 
18.   Take note dearest for a POPE to BELIEVE a DOCUMENT to be GENUINE. The VFD title USED is without a DOUBT is an ACCEPTED TITLE by the POPEs then.
19.   The FORGER who ever  clearly KNEW very well that the VFD title is an ACCEPTED TITLE for your POPEs. Heck you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to know that the FORGER is under the graces of your CATHOLIC AUTHORITIEs.
20.   We all know that the elements of a BELIEVABLE FORGERY uses ACCEPTED terms especially when it comes to the TITLE that should be USED to ADDRESS the concerned personages in the document.
21.   The ONLY way it was FOUND to be a FAKE is the LANGUAGE used in the document which as history informs us COULD NOT HAVE BEEN used DURING the time of CONSTANTINE.
22.   The ONLY reason you’re saying the VFD to be a LIE is that we ALL KNOW NOW that it refers to 666 in the bible your mentors translated.
23.   We can understand your concern and you’re misguided thinking to use the issue of forgery to refer to the VFD title as a lie to defend your beliefs but history NEVER said such a thing dearest.  Don’t be silly.
24.   True the document is a forgery but it doesn’t  follow that the VFD TITLE used to ADDRESS the POPE is a LIE. Heck your CATHOLIC AUTHORITIES USED IT for CENTURIES dear.  They never protested in reference to the VFD title now did they?
25.   We all know quite well your CATHOLIC AUTHORITIEs are practicing this for DECADEs in DENYING the TRUTH. In fact, your St. Ignatius Loyola ATTEST to that FACT dearest. However, most catholics are DECEITFULLY being fed with so MANY CONCOCTED teachings to cover up the LIEs you unwittingly ACCEPT it to be the TRUTH.
26.   But when in FACT its SIMPLY a LIE. Take a LOOK dear at what you’re St. Ignatius said:
27.   “We should always be prepared so as never to err to believe that what I see as white is black, if the hierarchic Church defines it thus.” St. Ignatius Loyola
28.   See even if the TRUTH tells you it’s WHITE you are REQUIRED to believe it is BLACK if you’re CHURCH DECIDEs or DEFINES it to be so. Imagine that you are REQUIRED TO BE BLIND from the TRUTH.
29.   So we know now that even though PEDOPHILIA is EVIL if your CHURCH so DEFINES IT TO BE GOOD you are REQUIRED TO BELIEVE it. 
30.   That’s coming from one of your CANONIZED saints which was really NEVER EVER been DONE by the TRUE FOLLOWERs of CHRIST and the APOSTLEs.
31.   In simple terms dear you are REQUIRED to ACCEPT or BELIEVE in LIEs.  Heck the DONATION OF CONSTANTINE is proof  that the CATHOLIC CHURCH BENEFITED from LIEs. Using DECEITFUL DOCUMENTs for CENTURIEs.
32.   That’s just ONE of your church MONEY and power making schemes dear.
33.   That’s why in the DARK AGEs in the HISTORY of your CHURCH. Your AUTHORITIES condoned the MASS KILLINGs and TORTURE thru your CHURCH’s diabolical thinking which CONCOCTED the DEMONIC program of the INQUISITION.
34.   You’re Church Authorities ALLOWED without REMORSE the use of TORTURE and EXECUTION of your accused heretics to be HOLY in reference to your INQUISITION program. Imagine that. They propagated it as HOLY INQUISITION.
35.   Although we ALL KNOW that such ACTs done in the INQUISITION is FAR FROM HOLY. Like Ignatius said if your CHURCH defines it to be so, YOU are BLINDLY REQUIRED to BELIEVED that the ACTS of the INQUISITION is HOLY. Imagine that.
36.   Mass killings and tortures an ACT of HOLINESS? We both KNOW that we’re not living in the middle ages dear. We know very well the ACTs of the INQUITSITION is far from HOLY.
37.   It simply is DEMONIC use of POWER  to INFLICT OBEDIENCE by your CHURCH thru that Inquisition promoted by your Church then. Your FAITH then was not THRU the WORDs of GOD written in the scriptures but ENFORCED by such DEMONIC ACTs.
38.   Was the Catholic Church during the time they propagated your INQUISITION a PRO LIFE  and HOLY activity of YOUR CHURCH dearest?
39.   Do you think that the TRUE FOLLOWERs of CHRIST would do such a thing? Are you that silly enough to even consider it just so you can defend a CHURCH who BENEFITED from DECEITFULY LIEs?
40.   That’s why  Charice conversion was never based on acceptance of the TEACHINGs in the SCRIPTUREs. She never did any study nor did you taught her of the required catholic teachings propagated by your church prior to her conversion. 

Flewen silly accusation says:  “the Donation of Constantine was verified to be a hoax created by the people who wanted a favor to the church. It is surprising that you still believe on a hoax.

Come again dear "created by the people who wanted a favor TO the church" Yes of course dearest those people clearly wanted a FAVOR TO your church. For the ONLY ONE who BENEFITED from that DONATION dear is YOUR CHURCH. 
About the close of the eighth century, papists put forth the claim that in the first ages of the church the bishops of Rome had possessed the same spiritual power which they now assumed. To establish this claim, ancient writings were forged by monks. Decrees of councils before unheard of were discovered, establishing the universal supremacy of the pope from the earliest times." Mat's Behind the New World Order, page 8, "
See dearest you PAPIST put forth a CLAIM that in the first ages of the church the bishops of Rome had possessed the SAME SPIRITUAL POWER which they now assumed. And to ESTABLISH this CLAIM "ANCIENT WRITINGS WERE FORGED BY MONKSDECREES of councils before UNHEARD OF were discovered,"

So thats why the DONATION OF CONSTANTINE was CONCOCTED by Catholic Authorities dear for your CHURCH's BENEFIT. You did not think that the DONATION was just one of the FALSIFIED documents CREATED by your authorities now did you? you have the ISADORIAN DECRETALs another FALSIFIED document for the BENEFIT of your church.

Come again dearest "It is surprising that you still believe on a hoax.

Don't be SILLY dearest we DO BELIEVE it is a HOAX. 

Thats what your authorities later found out and attest. Thats why we KNOW now your church BENEFITED from DECEITFUL documents CREATED for the BENEFIT of your CHURCH and NOT for ANY OTHER GROUP my dear. 

Where we ALL KNOW the CREATORs are OBVIOUSLY under the GRACEs of your CHURCH AUTHORITIEs no doubt.

What we DON'T believe is your silly misguided thinking that it refers to the VFD title of your POPE. The DONATION is indeed a HOAX but not on the basis of the VFD title dear but the LANGUAGE used according to the people who discovered the FORGERY.

As earlier said the TITLE was even used by one of your Cardinal and other authorities. This was mentioned in my earlier post dear click here.

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