Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Retraction of Rosita Trillanes at ang hidwang unawa ng taga CFD

Kung totoo na hinukuman si Ka Felix ukol sa rape. Nasaan na yun pasya ng
hukuman ukol dun? WALA po. Ngayon sinasabi naman nila HINDI KUNO
makapagsampa si Rosita kaya hindi po siya nahukuamn. Abay kaya nga po
GUILTY si Ka Felix ng rape abay natural lang na masesentensiyan siya
PERO ang TOTOO WALA pong gayon nangyari kungdi mga SPEKULASYON
lang at walang TUNAY AT MATIBAY na BATAYAN.Dahil ang TOTOO
po MALINIS po sa Ka Felix dahil KUNG wala pong matinong babae na
BABALIK kung totoong na rape siya. At ang haka pa ng iba may pakinabang
kuno ang pagiging Diyakonesa. Boluntaryong TUNGKULIN po ito na WLANG
anoman monetary na pakinabang.

Ukol sa post po mula sa ating giliw na taga CFD mula sa post nila:


Naroon ang RETRACTION ni Kapatid na Rosita Trillanes at nagtretract nga po siya at dun napatunayang malinis ang pangalan ni Ka Felix ukol sa issue na ito. Meron mga kakatuwang sinasabi ang mga CFD.

Ginamit ni dear Bibe ang isang comment ni Estaban Raymundo. Bunga kasi ng pagamit niya ukol sa issue kay Rosita Trillanes na as usual ginagamit para MANIRA lang po. Pero ng malaman ni Raymundo na NA RETRACT na pala ni Ka Rosita Trillanes at napatunayan na hindi totoo ang mga paratang kay Ka Felix. Abay may pangangatuwiran pa itong si Raymundo. Ito po ang sinabi niya:
I pointed out that said RETRACTION DOES NOT SERVE ANY FATHOMABLE LEGAL PURPOSE WHATSOEVER. A recantation, retraction or desistance should be executed and filed before the prosecution files a criminal information in court. In the Trillanes case, however, that cannot be legally possible, for the following reasons:
Ang sabi niya "RETRACTION DOES NOT SERVE ANY FATHOMABLE LEGAL PURPOSE WHATSOEVER" that would be your opinion dear although misguided obviously because it is apparently rooted in your desire to refute the innocense of Ka Felix. But a retraction is a fathomable legal document that is ACCEPTED by our courts. Unless your referring to the Kangaroo court in your head. Now thats another matter dear.

Hence, the people like him (Raymundo) nor the CFD could find any final court judgment that would support their delusions of Ka Felix because contrary to their misguided views Ka Felix was EXONERATED from these false accusations.

Therefore the said RETRACTION is without a doubt LEGAL and BINDING as this document serves as evidence to the DISMAY of many of Ka Felix ill-advised critics.

So lets continue on his first point on why he could not accept the retraction so easily he states below:
1.Manalo was the private complainant. He should have been the one who executed and filed an affidavit of desistance or retraction.
Take note people, Mr. Raymundo says that Ka Felix is the COMPLAINANT regarding the issue of Rosita Trillanes first statement. Such poor ill-advised soul. And as usual some CFDs were amusingly caught on that misguided thinking as well.

For your information dearest, the CASE stemmed from the COMPLAINT of ROSITA TRILLANES hence the RESPONDENT is Ka Felix. Get your FACTs straight dear its treading on ERRONEOUS assumptions which is OBVIOUSLY BLINDED by your need to smear the good name of Ka Felix. Such a naughty misguided soul.

This fellow is so clueless as to who should file and he points out Ka Felix should be the one INCORRECTLY thinking that Ka Felix was the COMPLAINANT. Poor soul.  It all STARTED when Rosita Trillanes filed her COMPLAINT against Ka Felix. That is why SHE MADE THE RETRACTION for she knew her earlier statement was INFLUENCED by Ka Felix detractors.

Mr Raymundo seems to be so naive that this issue FIRST STARTED with the COMPLAINT of Rosita Trillanes and Ka Felix is the RESPONDENT, this is the FIRST CASE between the two.

He probably is referring to the wikipedia whose references is a blog my gulay of another of Ka Felix detractor. An ADD member obviously whose as misguided as their preacher. And a CFD blog owned by our dear Bibe I believe.

From that point Mr Raymundo is obviously referring to the SECOND CASE between the two in which Ka Felix is the COMPLAINANT and the RESPONDENT is Rosita Trillanes. While indeed the Appellate Court upheld Trillanes and acquitted her to which people like Mr. Raymundo are fond of referring to.

They INCORRECTLY ASSUMED that the Appellate Court had the FINAL JUDGEMENT on the matter. Take note thats why upon further investigation on the matter Ka Felix was REDEEMED. For the TRUTH indeed came out and Rosita Trillanes RETRACTION was just the icing on the cake. The TRUTH PREVAILED.

To the DETRIMENT of Ka Felix DETRACTORs of course. Whose rummaging for scraps of trash information like ADD so what can one expect of people like those to smell... GARBAGE obviously.

The reason behind the RETRACTION was due to her first statement which was LARGELY INFLUENCED by misguided individuals who Ka Felix EXPELLED from the INC. Its really amusing how the CFD like our dear Bibe got HOOKed, LINE and SINKER to this erroneous thinking. Lets continue on Mr. Raymundo's 2nd point:
2.The case was already filed in court. In fact, the case reached the Court of appeals where Trillanes was acquitted. The appellate court upheld Trillanes and categorically called Manalo “a man of low morals” (“un hombre de baja moral’).
The point of number 2 made by our dear commentator Raymundo is holding on to old issues of a court who was later found to be wrong based on the RETRACTION of Rosita Trillanes and the uncovering of the CONSPIRACY of EXPELLED brethren's. It seems our dear catholic commentator is grasping at old issues long to have been found made only by people of LOW MORALs.

That is why Rosita Trillanes could not stomach the wrong that she was made to do by people of LOW MORALs who INFLUENCED her first statement, so she made the RETRACTION to prove the INNOCENCE of Ka Felix and obviously exonerated him.

Thats why neither Mr. Raymundo nor the CFDs could find any court judgement sentencing Ka Felix of such offense.

Hence, Ka Felix was obviously EXONERATED from such wrongful and misguided charges. Thats why people like Mr Raymundo nor the CFDs could ever find any court records of Ka Felix being jailed for such accusations.

Thats why Ka Felix was never put in prison because the TRUTH PREVAILED to the detriment of the many critics like Mr Raymundo who was slap silly by the RETRACTION of Rosita Trillanes who THOUGH that it was a issue that the INC had not resolve.

Poor soul, thats why when he knew about it he is now using his misguided thinking to cast doubt on the issue. He obviously could not face the FACT that Ka Felix was EXONERATED and never been SENTENCED by any court. Lets continue on his 3rd point:
3.The retraction was executed by Trillanes many years after the dismissal of the case.
So what dearest? is that a problem? of course not. The result of the issue is Ka Felix was simply INNOCENT from those false accusations and thereby EXONERATED.

Digging up dirt in their quest against Ka Felix, but to their detriment the dirt was only in their heads as the INNOCENCE of Ka Felix was PURE AS GOLD.

So lets be wary of this comments borne only of with the MISGUIDED INTENTION to smear the good name of Ka Felix. Unfortunately for them the RETRACTION is the EVIDENCE regarding this issue and has long been RESOLVE with no DOUBT whatsoever other than those people who are obviously being fooled by their deluded mind whose blinded and could not face the fact that Ka Felix was exonerated.

The Almighty God has held him to the end to the DETRIMENT of his many detractors. The INC continued to flourish even after his death.

And Ka Rosita came back to the fold together with her husband, imagine that and became a deaconess till her death. It is just sad that these misguided people like the ,ones who INFLUENCED Rosita Trillanes statement would dwell on points which is OBVIOUSLY tainted with lies.

Anyway, Raymundo has another contention "Why would a self-confessed liar be allowed to serve in the church as deaconess?"

See thats the point dear. She CONFESSED her sins and for that the bible attest  of FORGIVENESS for she REPENTED on those sins.  She admitted the wrong that she had done, thereby TELLING THE TRUTH and EXPOSING THE LIEs. That is why she who could blame her for telling the TRUTH. She's now BLAMELESS for that.

The protest of Mr Raymundo is hilariously amuzing. The pedophile priest and rapist priest of the catholic church continue to plagued the parishioners even though they were exposed. They continue to DENY it and NEVER REPENTANT of such EVIL. The church continue to use and just transfer them so we hear of the continued abuses.

Whereas Rosita REPENTED her sins and was FORGIVEN. Thus she is BLAMELESS and qualified to become a deaconess.

But it seems Mr. Raymundo is not into the TRUTH but only wishes to dwell on LIEs. Thats why he questions now the INC for making her a deaconess. Why not? If Christ can forgive sinners even prayed for those who inflicted harm on him what more for Ka Felix.

Jesus even made the killer of a DEACON an APOSTLE dearest take note of that.

It is OBVIOUS the commentator is just using the verse not for the truth but for his misguided intention to cast the sin of Rosita to light but NEVER dwelled on FACT that one can be FORGIVEN thru REPENTANCE also taught in the bible. Poor misguided soul, whose intention is only to cast the darkness of his thinking instead of the light of the scriptures.  Heres another quote of Raymundo:
Manalo himself considered Trillanes a libeler, in fact he filed a criminal case against her for libel.

Then, why would she be appointed as deaconess even if she does not qualify as one who is “not a slanderer.”?

Dwelling on old issues as usual. Take note dear Ka Felix FORGAVE her. She EXPOSED the people behind her who influenced her wrongful accusation and retracted and TOLD THE TRUTH dear Raymundo.

She qualifies perfectly dear. As anyone WHO CONFESSED on their transgressions and REPENTED, she is quite deserving for FORGIVENESS as anyone who have sinned my dear. That simple.

Who can BLAME her now when she TOLD THE TRUTH and THREW AWAY the LIES? She's was forgiven and thus blameless. Thats why she's very qualified to be a DEACONESS.

Again do remember dearest that Jesus even made an APOSTLE of Paul who killed his DEACON.

Nakaka-awa talaga itong mga nadadaya di po ba mga people?  Heres another quote:
You consider a conspirator against the church like Trillanes as “faithful in all things”?
No of course not my dear. We consider Ka Rosita to have REPENTED on her sins and she is without a doubt DESERVING of FORGIVENESS. By doing so she is now FAITHFUL IN ALL THINGs. Thats why she died a FAITHFUL DEACONESS. That simple. And heres the final misguided view of dear Raymundo:
The doubt continues to linger in the air that her retraction can be construed as a quid pro quo for her position as deaconess. This is not to mention the undue influence and tremendous power Manalo formidably wielded during that time, both as the Sugo, Founder and Executive Minister of his church. 
Really? the only doubt that may linger is obviously based on your naughty desires to dwell on old issues already resolved without a question nor doubt. Save only for those who would like to believe on the wrongful accusations which was INFLUENCED by Ka Felix Detractors.

Tremendous power? really? in Ka Felix time the INC was still in its INFANCY and was no way near that many as the Catholics dearest even now.

Its really amusingly hilarious how people like these want to place the INC in such lofty standards when they want to cast doubt on certain issues. And we KNOW for a FACT that MOST if not ALL of the INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE and POLITICIANs in Ka Felix time were largely CATHOLICs. Even today.

But when it comes to uplift their church they would point out the numbers of the Catholics and the many influential people that are their MEMBERS. From Senators, congressmen and even President's of our land. We won't even talk about the many catholics who are Governors and mayor's of our land.

Isn't it obvious its the other way around dearest. Its really the catholics whose  always exerting UNDUE INFLUENCE and POWER. Even RIZAL knew that in his time even UNTIL now. History FORTELLs of the Catholic church history on wielding tremendous influence and power in our government. No doubt about that.

So do remember our history dearest. No catholic can REFUTE that FACT. Unless you would accept that the Catholic church is inutile when it comes to their influence with their own flock who are sitting in the most influential seats in our land.

Ka Felix has relied always in the Almighty God first and allowed the justice system in our land to prevail even though Catholics were seated in the Courts. And he was EXONERATED and INNOCENT of the FALSE ACCUSATIONs.

Thats why even after his death. People then speculated on the impending demise of the INC but to there DISMAY and to the AWE of many it continued to flourish around the world.


  1. gs2 lng kasi bumawi nang patas ni mr raymundo kaya ganyan siya kasi akala niya walang nakakaalam nung ganun issue eh lahata naman ng ibato sa iglesia na kung anu ano eh hindi na mga bagong nagay kundi mga nilimot na at ibinabalik lng nila dahil sa bilis ng pag unlad nito at halos nasasapawan na sila kaya ganun sila ka inggit...Pero anu't ano pa man hindi nila ito kayang gibain dahil ang Diyos ang patnubay ang nagiisang Tunay na Diyos at Si jesucristong tagamapamagitan ang magsasanggalang sa kaniyang mga alagad sa tunay na Iglesia ni Cristo....

  2. Maraming mga gumagamit ng lumang issue na ito. At sabik na sabik silang gamitin dahil inaakala nila may napulot silang tama pero mali pala.

    At dahil nabulagta ng katotohanan. Naghahanap pa ng masisira pero bumabalik din ang mga basura na hinahain ng maling unawa nila.

  3. Desperado na talaga especially ang CFD at ADD minsan naiisip ko na iisang grupo lang ang mga ito. Parang lumalabas pa na buhay na sila ng mangyari ang mga kasong ito at alam na alam nila.

    1. Mahilig lang po silang mamulot ng lumang kuwento na animo'y magagamit lang nila sa MAITIM na BALAK lang upang MANIRA.

      Di man lang NAG-ISIP na ang NAPULOT nila KAPIRASONG BALITA akala na nila KATOTOHANAN. Di man lang nagISIP na may HUKUMAN na nagPATUNAY din sa huli ang pagkaINOSENTE ni Ka Felix.

      Mahirap talaga tangapin sa mga NABULAG na di MAAMIN ang pagkBULAG. Pero madali lang nila NALAMAN kapag sila'y TATANUNGIN ukol din naman sa ARAL nila. Tulad ng saan sa BIBLIA NILA pa mismo NASUSULAT ukol sa ARAL NG TRINIDAD?

      Tanungin mo sila NAKITA ba nila? NEVER. Gayon kasi ang TUNAY na BULAG sa ARAL ng KASULATAN.

      Rosario palang tanungin mo ordinaryong KATOLIKO kahit PARI pa ukol SA PINAGMULAN ng ROSARY nila. Walang kamuwang muwang din.

      Umugat lang yun sa pagkopya ng mga AUTORIDAD nila sa gawa ng PAGANO lang pala.

      Kakaawa po talaga sila kaya IMULAT natin sila sa KATOTOHANANG ito na sana MAIDILAT nila ang UNAWA nila sa KATOTOHANAN.

  4. Rape?Wala namang nangyaring rape.
    Pinalaki lang ng mga galit kay Ka Felix yun.

    Kung rape lang din ang pinag-uusapan,nasaan na si Eli Soriano?
    Di ba nasa Brazil?Dahil sa Rape at Sodomy.
    Yung mga Pari naman,sila na ang may Guinness Record na may pinakamalaking multa na ipinataw ng korte.


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