Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Catholic Church in the beginning is the Church of Christ

Mahina ba ang GANID NA LOBO?

Ryans misguided thinking "Ayusin muna ninyo itong hindi ninyo pagkakaintendihan so we can get back to your business, Jo King."

Matagal lang pong ayus dearrest. Ang ayusin mo dearest ay yun UNAWA ninyo. Mantakin mo naman dear ang LAYO ng UNAWA MO dun sa SINABI ni Cath.

And I though you harbor good reasoning but its faltering to the HILARIOUS side of being SILLY. No dear, I am not talking about CHILI. 

1. Ryan says "Catherine and Christian are saying that the Church that apostatized was NOT the Catholic Church, the it was the product of the Church in Apostasy."

2. Correct dear now your getting the picture. How can the Catholic Church be apostatized when the apostle left it was STILL the CHURCH OF CHRIST dearest? get the picture?

3. And Ryan dear continues "Read Me, your Pasugo ang others are saying that the original Church of Christ was the Catholic Church and that this was the same Church which allegedly apostatized. "

4. come again "The original Church of Christ was the Catholic Church???" WRONG DEAR. That would be your FORMULATION Take note lang po ang PASUGO na quote po "“Ang Iglesia Katolika na sa pasimula ay siyang Iglesia ni Cristo." "

5. Sa pagliliwat sa english po "The Catholic Church in the beginning is the Church of Christ" Take note pot IN THE BEGINNING ...the name of the church WAS ....CHURCH OF CHRIST.

6. So IN THE BEGINNING there was NO CATHOLIC CHURCH dearest get that in your head. In the BEGENNING the church name WAS the CHURCH OF CHRIST.

7. So it is this church the CHURCH OF CHRIST that was APOSTATIZED.

8. and ONE of the works of APOSTASY was ABANDONING the NAME of CHRIST and REPLACED it with an INVENTED NAME.

9. So the APOSTLIC SUCCESSORs ABANDONED the NAME of CHRIST. So the TRUE NAME of the Christ church which i sCHURCH of CHRIST has ceased to EXIST.

10. Thats why we now have the CATHOLIC CHURCH. The APOSTATE CHURCH. The RESULT of the deviously DEMONIC WORK of the MEN who DISTORTED THE TRUTH. 

11. SO WHO SUCCEEDED THE APOSTLEs dear when the APOSTLES LEFT? That still REMAINS UNANSWERED until now. Would you like to do the honor for your dear in your behalf? Bakit ayaw mo sumagot dear.naiipit ka ba?

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