Thursday, December 13, 2012

Flewen's Hilarious Misconceptions on Bankruptcy

INC Chapel buried in lahar.

This picture above was posted by our dear Flewen to denote that the INC like them suffers in bankruptcy. This was our dear Flewen's silly misconceptions:
it is not just the Catholic Church suffers bankruptcy, i guess, your church do also suffer it too, though not in particular about sex maniac ministers, but all about the in-activeness of the people to contribute in your abuluyan.
Please forgive me if we find this  hilariously silly dear. As you can see the pic you provided does not in anyway show that the INC has gone thru what your Church had PUBLICLY DECLARED BANKRUPTCY my dear. As you can see the walls of the chapel is BURIED in lahar if I am not mistaken.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Flewens' Concern in Expelling

I mentioned to Flewen "The INC follows the teaching of the apostle to EXPEL THE EVIL BRETHREN."

I cannot tell that because the father of Charice remained to be a member of INC even if how many times he did so many bad things to his family.
Of course not dear. How can you? your not an INC. It is only in the local congregation where that person is currently under will the announcement be done once expelled.

For your information we don't brag about such an event. We are more saddened if a brethren is being expelled. But it has to be done. Especially for those who refuses to attend worship services anymore. Unlike yours, you don't really give that much importance if your brethren is attending or not.

Answering Flewen on Unfairness & Illogical

Flewens states :
There were also abuses inside the INC, the only reason why the abuses of some priests became viral in the media world was because of Secularism. We all know that the Catholic Church is the most well-known Church as to compare from other Christian denominations in the world today. Even your church is nothing as to compare the splendor that the church have for so long. It was not also who claimed that she sees brighter life but it was her who said that she’s happy that she is one in faith now with her mother. So it is not my problem anymore sir.
so, it would be illogical to use the abuses of some priests just in order to justify your accusation against the Catholic Church. It would be unfair for us that Catholics will shut down exposing the abuses of your brethren while in your side, you are happy attacking the Catholic faith.Think about it.
 Come again dear "There were also abuses inside the INC". Well, thats why I said before that we are not perfect. And such abuses do not go without consequence. Thats why like I said we EXPEL the evil brethren who refuses to repent and follow the teachings of Christ.

Missing Vicarius Filii Dei Tiara, the Butler did it.

Lets continue Flewen states  “many Catholic bloggers also posted the pictures of the Tiara but until now, your cohorts were not able to provide proofs in your claim about the 666 dilemma. I am not going to blame you in person, but I can blame this to your leader. please provide that this kind of inscription can be found in the tiara: because this is the actual Tiara that the pope used:

Cohorts? don't be silly dearest. For your information they are actually your cohorts. The Seventh Day Adventist for your information dearest has your BELIEFs:
 However, the Adventist Church adopted the Trinity early in the 20th century and began to dialogue with other Protestant groups toward the middle of the century, eventually gaining wide recognition as a Protestant church. Wikipedia
So don't pass of your cohorts to us dearest. Just because they had found basis of your POPEs title to be a beastly mark, your so quick in accusing us with your silly understanding. Be rational dearest KNOW your fellow TRINITARIANs.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Vicarius Filii Dei is an accepted title for the Pope

A shot for peace
Flewen states with regards to the Donation of Constantine  VFD (Vicarius Filii Dei) is a clear lie.”

1.       VFD a clear lie??? You are clearly being misled by your MISGUIDED UNDERSTANDING.  You simply do not understand what your mentors attest.
2.       When they found that document of the donation was a forgery. You should understand that their basis in finding that the document to be a forgery WAS NOT  with regards to the  VFD TITLE BESTOWED to your POPE dearest.  Don’t be silly. It was the type of LANGUAGE used which COULD NOT HAVE BEEN WRITTEN in the FOURTH CENTURY. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Flewens Adventist Issue

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil
Thats why most catholics are CLUELESS on the ATROCITIES
of the Catholic Church Inquisition, Kidnapping of innocents, torture,
mass killings, Never spoke out on Hitlers MASSACREs, using FORGERIEs for centuries,
protecting PEDOPHILE priests, using CHURCH money  to PAY OFF victims,
transferring PEDOPHILEs to another congregation where the sexual predators

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Flewens Thinking on Conversion and prevention

With regards to the point of CONVERSION I said “[As you can see the decision to convert was not borne out of FAITH but out of a VERY BAD EXPERIENCE. Not out of BELIEF but of VIOLENCE that has haunted them.]”

Flewens response: 
actually, when I watched one of the episodes of SAKSI [when it was still in the early Primetime slot] regarding her conversion, she was actually excited and dreamed of to convert to the Catholic Faith after her mothers reversion. So when Charice with her brother were asked if they’re willing to convert, they answered affirmatively and with sincerity.  

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Flewen's reason of Charice issue

Flewens reaction regarding what I stated "Yes, we do clean our own dearest. But for some they took refuge in other faiths instead of trusting their leaders to help or guide them. Thats their decision. Its not that surprising. The INC leadership can only extend their hand but they cannot force a brethren to take it if they won’t. Charice and her Mother probably found comfort from famous personalities of your faith.]"

Flewen's response:
"because they know the truthfulness if you are in the Catholic Fold. The INC members who were boasting in the online world about their church were silence about Ms. Charice’s situation. Remember how her mother became a battered wife which is very saddenning and hilarious. This situation only shows that not all the time, that when a former non-INC becomes part of your fold, imperfections always exist in your church." 
Come again dear "because they know the truthfulness if you are in the Catholic Fold." don't be silly dear. What truthfulness are your implying? You cannot even find the term TRINITY in your BIBLE nor can you even find the very statement that you've so easily believe like "THREE PERSONS IN ONE GOD". Where can you FIND THAT in your BIBLE?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Flewen Got it but Whose the LIAR?

Let us quote our dearest post in his reply to my post when I said "

In answer to what I said "Excuse me dear the INC are not fanatics." Flewen made this remark below


"I did not say that INCs are fanatics." - Flewen
Its quite clear what Flewen said he did not say that INCs are fanatics. My statement was based on what you said dear Flewen heres a copy of your post:

Really my dearest Flewen either your forgetful or just plain old silly LIAR.

Take note of what your post dearest said:
"I only showed up to you INC FANATICS that INC members are not perfect" - Flewen
See dearest it is not us whose  HYPOCRITE but you. On one end our dear Flewen says this and later DENIEs having said it.
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