Wednesday, September 21, 2011

On Splendor: Cowards are like that also

How can Apostle Peter be a Pope when it was Apostles James who had the
FINAL DECISION in matters of the church?

The splendor blog has a lot of teachings that can fool an unwary catholic. And the owner obviously filters comments especially if the question of their faith is proven to be wrong.

Now I get it, this is how they defend. The blog is just for people like you dear. So they can continue to fool a lot of catholics.


They could not stand up to a public debate in front of people. At least in a blog they can have a certain amount of CONTROL.

Well, I can't blame him. Your dear pari would be in a situation where he has no control of. Defending on open ground may subject him to undue embarrassment  like Keating.

Imagine the simple question who decided among the apostle has the FINAL DECISION. Keating said it was PETER as he is the pope as Catholics contend.

But in your bible our Minister pointed out and found it was Apostle JAMEs who decided among them. Imagine that.

How can Peter be a Pope when it was JAMEs who clearly has the FINAL DECISION on matters of the church?

Keating was obviously red with embarrassment. who wouldn't be. You really didn't expect that the INC could be defeated in an open debate now do you. The INC didn't rise to where it is now if the ministers of the INC could not defend the faith in front of many catholics like you. It all started with one man "Ka Felix".

If your priest could not defend your faith then. How much more now? So your pari in splendor can relish in his safe ground. Thats his choice.

Now I get it. Cowards are like that also.

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  1. James,the Apostle is the leader of the Church,not Peter.

    Take your tail,Splendor,and research again.


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