Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Now I Get It

The Catholic church has a knack of CONCEALING the PEDOPHILE priest
and TRANSFERRING to other parishes. Thats why their INACTION has

On the tiara issue. Did the INC placed its point on the tiara or the title?

As you may well know the Catholics authorities have a knack of CONCEALING and TRANSFERRING pedophile priest.


They even DENIED the document of the  DONATION OF CONSTANTINE which mentions the disputed title. However it is now DENIED, It points clearly to the FACT that your authorities BENEFITTED from that DOCUMENT.

on your second point. "Mr. Manalo’s disappointment of those freak pastors of their church." Well, who wouldn't be disappointed for freak pastors as you say. Thats why they are expelled.

You said "note: i did not see any records that they were expelled, there were even many INC members who committed crimes left to be INC until now. "

Well, it is not for public information dearest. It is being announced in an INC congregation not with any other church like yours dear. I'm sure you have heard of ex ministers who went to the fold of ADD. Whether you believe it or not dear it doesn't mean we don't do it. Or prove anything to  you.

It is not something we should be showing off as you would like us to do. We are not like your priest who threaten their own brethren publicly of excommunication in leading dailies. Like your brethren Noynoy. Just to prove something.

Sorry dearest but the INC is not like that.

Come again dear "Proving their last resort every time they could not explain their faith:"

I believe that would be your faith. I had the pleasure of talking with many catholics like you and not one of you can point out WHERE in the BIBLE is the teaching of 3 persons in one god?

After all, a lot of catholics are indeed proud that the catholics translated the bible they would. So how come it is not that easy for a catholic to point to a verse in the bible that teaches about this?

Now i get it. Catholics simply don't know. They don't know that they are being fooled by their mentors.


  1. my reply

  2. Thank our dear apo for having time to pass by my blog and posting his concerns in his post above.

    One of which is this "See how he chose only the points of which he fits his standard"

    Of course not dearest don't let your personal delusions deceive you my dearest. If you have other points you wish me to discuss then by all means dear POINT IT OUT. Don't be such a baby.

    Take note dearest the points I raised are quite perfect that rattled your brains to so much you just had to make post long reply on each of my points.

    I'm flattered by such attention. Thank you dear.

  3. Our dear apo posted a question in his post: "are you not aware about the debate between Mr. Karl Keating and Mr. Ventilacion in the 80′s?"

    Of course I am well aware dearest. Thats why I know the video you posted is just a portion of the debate that seems to have deceived you as many have. The concerns that Keating pointed out was typically not really for us dear but for you dearest.

    If you read the article he brandished dear all his concerns have been raised in our PASUGO article including his NERO. Funny he never mentioned that.

  4. Ginagamit nila ang PASUGO.Mga magnanakaw.


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