Thursday, December 13, 2012

Flewen's Hilarious Misconceptions on Bankruptcy

INC Chapel buried in lahar.

This picture above was posted by our dear Flewen to denote that the INC like them suffers in bankruptcy. This was our dear Flewen's silly misconceptions:
it is not just the Catholic Church suffers bankruptcy, i guess, your church do also suffer it too, though not in particular about sex maniac ministers, but all about the in-activeness of the people to contribute in your abuluyan.
Please forgive me if we find this  hilariously silly dear. As you can see the pic you provided does not in anyway show that the INC has gone thru what your Church had PUBLICLY DECLARED BANKRUPTCY my dear. As you can see the walls of the chapel is BURIED in lahar if I am not mistaken.

When I mentioned this it was not in anyway an accusation but already a KNOWN AND UNDENIABLE FACT.

Don't be childish dear. It clearly shows your lack of understanding in the issue of BANKRUPTCY.

As you can see although we were affected by calamities brought about forces of nature like PINATUBO which burried not only our house of worship but including yours.

We have already made a lot of progress since then dear because the INC cares for our brethren and CONTINUES to bring TRUE GLORY to the ALMIGHTY GOD.

All of the locals in Pampanga had already been built dear to a more safe and better location. Kindly view the SPLENDOR of the INC Houses of Worship, isn't it just AMAZING:

Local of Guagua, Pampanga
That is the Local of Guagua, heres another Local of San Pedro Cutud, San Fernando, Pampanga:

Do read our PASUGO dear so you can see that the TRUE SPLENDOR of the Iglesia Ni Cristo when it comes to building HOUSES OF WORSHIP. Can you say the same thing dearest?

We would like to KNOW the number of NEW HOUSES OF WORSHIP in METRO MANILA for this year alone which the INC has built? Just say so dear. Let's COMPARE your SPLENDOR against OURs when it comes to BUILDING HOUSES OF WORSHIP for the GLORY of the ALMIGHTY GOD.

Since the time of Ka Erdy the INC has been building HUNDREDs of Houses of Worship  in a given year for the Glory of the Almighty God. The INC average more than 50 to 100 Houses of Worship dear.

Here's another in Lubao, Pampanga which was also affected by lahar but the INC continues to provide brethrens in reBUILDING their House of Worship as well as building new ones. 

Come again dear you said "all about the in-activeness of the people to contribute in your abuluyan"

That would be YOUR church dear not ours.  If you like we can put it to a test. Bring in the Houses of Worship your church has built this year in comparison to ours.  

So you may know the IN-ACTIVENESS of your people to contribute in your abuluyan. It seems your a bit CLUELESS to the activities of your church when it comes to building houses of worship.

And to think your SUPPOSE to be SO MANY in number. Are you not dearest? We are not even a fourth of your numbers dear but as you can see thru our Church Leader the INC continues to build Houses of Worship HERE and ABROAD

In fact, we already have THREE HOUSES of Worship in ROME dearest. Imagine that.

So do tell us here what PROGRESS your church has been doing all this year. Or the past 5 or 10 years even. So you can TRULY UNDERSTAND the INACTIVENESS of your CHURCH LEADERs. Apart from immersing in their campaign agaist the RH bill. What have your Church leaders done for the HOUSES OF WORSHIP for the ALMIGHTY?

For this year alone do inform us HOW MANY have you BUILT? So you yourself can be our witness on the INACTIVENESS of your church or ACTIVENESS.

The only ACTIVENESS we see from your Church is in CONTROLLING and INFLUENCING YOUR MEMBERs and THREATENING with EXCUMMICATION to stop the passage of the RH bill. How sad. Not all FILIPINOs dear are Catholics dearest. And as you are well aware NOT ALL CATHOLICs are against the RH bill including the President of this land. So do think about it.


  1. rother, kung puwede bang mai-post sa blog mo ang article ko na Answering Catholic Defenders, part 1: "The Ways of the Catholic Defenders in Decieving the People: Public Beware" Nais ko lang kasi na lumaganap ito upang marami ang makabatid sa marururming taktika ng mga Catholic Faith Defenders upang hindi na sila makadaya pa. Higit na mas marami ka kasing readers. Kung puwede lang? (At kung maipa-publish ang article na ito sa iba't ibang blogsite ay isang way to to intimidate this people.

    Maraming salamat po

    Bro. Gesmundo del Mundo

  2. Ok po. Gusto ninyo po ba na i-post ang link ng inyong post ninyo ukol dito or copy ko ang buong article at post ko sa blog ko, with attribution to you of course as the author of the article?

  3. Nice one.

    Ikaw ba sasamba sa nakalubog sa lahar?

    Kung ganito reason nila,dapat sumamba sila sa Cagsawa Ruins!


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