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Missing Vicarius Filii Dei Tiara, the Butler did it.

Lets continue Flewen states  “many Catholic bloggers also posted the pictures of the Tiara but until now, your cohorts were not able to provide proofs in your claim about the 666 dilemma. I am not going to blame you in person, but I can blame this to your leader. please provide that this kind of inscription can be found in the tiara: because this is the actual Tiara that the pope used:

Cohorts? don't be silly dearest. For your information they are actually your cohorts. The Seventh Day Adventist for your information dearest has your BELIEFs:
 However, the Adventist Church adopted the Trinity early in the 20th century and began to dialogue with other Protestant groups toward the middle of the century, eventually gaining wide recognition as a Protestant church. Wikipedia
So don't pass of your cohorts to us dearest. Just because they had found basis of your POPEs title to be a beastly mark, your so quick in accusing us with your silly understanding. Be rational dearest KNOW your fellow TRINITARIANs.

Our dear Flewen states " I am not going to blame you in person, but I can blame this to your leader."

And the reason for blaming our leader Flewen says "please provide that this kind of inscription can be found in the tiara: because this is the actual Tiara that the pope used". Referring to the tiara above.

So thats that actual tiara your pope used. Funny but do you mean to say thats the ONLY TIARA used by your Pope's dear?

Now that would be silly dear. If you do a search on your Pope's Tiara in the web we can find A LOT OF TIARAs worn by your Pope's dearest as shown here.

First of all dear, we the INC did not state what the SDA affirms. You have to ask them that. Both of you seem to be CLUELESS. Your looking for the VFD in PAPAL TIARA but in the paper of Our Sunday Visitor which published the SDA point to my understanding states the POPE'S MITRE:
What are the letters supposed to be in the Pope’s crown, and what do they signify, if anything?  The letters inscribed in the POPE'S MITRE are these:  VICARIUS FILII DEI, which is the Latin for Vicar of the Son of God…”[Our Sunday Visitor, Bureau of Information section, page 3, April 18, 1915 Issue]
 Anyway, you should ask them that dearest. Because we KNOW if ever such TIARA did EXIST as the SDA proponents contends. We all KNOW your CATHOLIC AUTHORITIEs would NATURALLY  move Heaven and Earth to HIDE it from PUBLIC view.

Heck, thats what they did with your PEDOPHILE PRIESTs, they would TRANSFER them from one country to another to evade from investigation. They would state they will investigate but in fact they would rather HIDE your PEDOPHILEs to the DETRIMENT of your brethrens who were VICTIMIZED.

Fortunately, the persistance of the VICTIMs families and legal counsels they BROUGHT YOU TO COURT and made you PAY the VICTIMs to the point of BANKRUPTCY as your CATHOLIC AUTHORITIEs  publicly announced.

Anyway, we KNOW your CATHOLIC AUTHORITIEs used the VFD title EVEN AFTER take note dearest EVEN AFTER the DONATION OF CONSTANTINE was declared a FORGERY.

So we KNOW the VFD title is an ACCEPTED title in reference to your POPE. Anyway dear as I have said the VFD is just one element of the PUZZLE as many of your catholic defenders would contest by presenting names which likewise brings the number 666.

As I have pointed out in my previous post here there is another CLEAR element and character of the 666. 
He will oppose and WILL EXALT HIMSELF OVER EVERYTHING that is called God or is worshipedso that HE SETS HIMSELF UP in God’s templeproclaiming himself to be God

2 Thessalonians 2:3-4

And again WHO do you THINK did this dearest? WHAT RELIGION on EARTH which SHAMELESSLY pronounce and TAUGHT this?  Your CATHOLIC AUTHORITIEs affirms this with all its DEMONIC GLORY dearest. 

WE HOLD UPON THIS EARTH THE PLACE OF GOD ALMIGHTY [Pope Leo XIII Encyclical Letter of June 20, 1894]"
These words are written in the Roman Canon Law 1685: “To believe that our Lord God the Pope has not the power to decree as he is decreed, is to be deemed heretical.
 Writers on the Canon Law say, The Pope and God are THE SAME, so he has all power in heaven and earth.” Barclay Cap. XXVII, p. 218. Cities Petrus Bertrandus, Pius V. – Cardinal Cusa supports his statement.
So it is not really that SURPRISING that MANY catholics came back to the TRUE CHURCH and thats the CHURCH OF CHRIST or the IGLESIA NI CRISTO.

That TRUTH has SET us FREE from the LIEs of your CATHOLIC AUTHORITIES.


One of which as we KNOW is the DONATION of CONSTANTINE. 

Who would have CONCOCTED such a FORGERY if not by a FAITHFUL FOLLOWER or ECCLESIASTIC as history tells us now. UNDER the GRACEs and DIRECTION of course by your CATHOLIC AUTHORITIEs who else. Unless you would like to use again the excuse the the BUTLER did it.

Who would have made it IN SUCH a way so DETAILED as to the MANNER and ELEMENTs which PLACED the CATHOLIC CHURCH is SUCH A GREAT ADVANTAGE thats why it was so OFTEN USED when INVESTITURE CONFLICTs arise.

Thats why the VFD title clearly ORIGINATED from your CATHOLIC AUTHORITIEs dearest. Thats why even AFTER it was FOUND to be a FORGERY. The VFD title was STILL USED by your CATHOLIC AUTHORITIES.

Unless you haven't read my previous post dear. Do you want to CONTEST? Please make my day and you can try anyway.

May the truth set you free.

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  1. God and Pope are one....

    Anong kalokohan yang pinaggagagawa nila.

    Binastos nila ang Diyos na walang simula,walang katapusan.

    Anlaking kabastusan ginawa nila.


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