Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mislead in Practicing Idolatory

Did the apostles or the first christian's ever did what Catholics are now doing?

We should be WARY and CAREFUL in peoples misGUIDED belief on the term and practice of IDOLATORY. Or to put it simply WORSHIPPING OF IDOLs.

Catholic Defenders would NEVER ADMIT they're doing such things. They would NORMALLY DENY it and ACCUSE US of not being able to UNDERSTAND the TERM of WORSHIP, or VENERATE.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

PARI lang UMIINUM sa PANAHON ng MISA. Bakit???

Bagamat sinasabi nila PARATI sa kanilang MISA na
Hindi naman nila pinaiinum ang mga KATOLIKO di po ba?

Maraming KATOLIKO ang NAKAKAALAM nito. Aminado sila maging ang kamag-anak ko na mga KATOLIKO. Namatay nalang ang iba hindi sila NAKA-INOM sa kupita o kahit man lang plastic na baso dahil sino-SOLO lang po talaga ito ng PARI nila sa MISA.

Dati akong KATOLIKO. Hindi ko NARANASAN ni MINSAN ang uminom sa INIINUM ng mga PARI SA MISA. Katoliko pa ako nun marami kaming NAKAKAALAM nun. Maglulupasay man ang mga defensor Katoliko hindi po yun PANINIRA, KATOTOHANAN po yun.

Monday, December 13, 2010


These Savage Wolves will come AFTER the apostles had LEFT. They are in

The SAVAGE WOLVEs that would come. The Men whol will DISTORT THE TRUTH.

Paano magkakaroon ng APOSTASY gayong may PANGAKO si Jesus

Who do you think are the APOSTOLIC SUCCESSORs?

Isa sa KATUNAYAN na totoo ang APOSTASY na IPINANGARAL ng mga Apostol at ang papalit sa kanila pagALIS nila ay mga taong MAGSASALITA NG KASINUNGALINGAN.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ang KATOLIKONG unawa na ang Shepherd na daw ay ULO ng Iglesia

One Shepherd is does NOT in anyway say BEING the HEAD of the Church

Merong pong isang Katolikong nagpapahayag sa blog na Tumbukin Natin ang kanyang KAKAIBANG unawa po na kapag SHEPHERD daw ay ibig sabihin na raw ay ULO na ng IGLESIA.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Who is the True Foundation of the True Church? Peter or Christ?

Peter does not allow to be worship. Yet the Catholic Pope is being likened
to the Almighty God. The Catholic Authorities even go beyond and say that
God is obedient to them. Imagine such BLASPHEMOUS teachings.

Things that Catholics should know about and consider. Feel free to comment if there's something you believe is not true on points being raised here.

One of the pillars created by the Vatican on which they base their religious authority is called "Apostolic Succession". I'm sure you will agree with that.

They claim Peter was the first Pope therefore everything hinges on Peter.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Is the Catholic Church an APOSTATE Church?

It all boils down when this SAVAGE WOLVES will COME of
MEN who RISE and DISTORT THE TRUTH. Apostle Paul clearly
said these will come AFTER they LEAVE. Do you know who

In the course of time a lot of issues and teachings have been debated either openly or thru the this new medium we now call as the internet.  Many have used this tool as a way to express their views.

In manner's that are at times very crude if not rude to either side. We have our flaws, we have our own disagreements but we should not be swayed to consider the points being shared or views being pressed upon us that seem to attack our current state of faith.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Answer to a Post of the Inquisition on

The Inquisition was a practice in TORTURE and KILLING of INNOCENTs. 

I would like to discuss and answer the comment posted in readmeinc blog. This is the link and the

by Forest King : "Plaridel, just as there is a need for a court to try crimes against the laws of the state, there is a need for a court to try crimes against the laws of the church. You cannot just judge anyone without due process of Law- this was what the inquisition for." 

Then what scriptural authority did the Catholics base in the creation of a court to try the crimes against the laws of the Church? 

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