Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Its a Cardinal Sin Who Accepts Money from SATAN

“If SATAN appears to ME and GIVES ME MONEY, I will ACCEPT the MONEY 
and spend it all on the poor. It is not the practice of the Church to ask
donors where the donations come from. Our duty is to make sure all
donations go to the poor,” said by Cardinal Sin got this here.
If thats really how Cardinal Sin felt. Then why didn’t he use the MONEY of the CHURCH which they OBVIOUSLY HAVE to spend on the poor?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

21 Points to Settle Ryan's "Church Apostasy" or is it just APOSTASY

WHEN will this SAVAGE WOLVEs come? AFTER

O ito dearest Ryan. Wag ka ng magpaikot ikot sa mga tanong mo. Lets finalize this dear:

1. Ryan dearest asked “Pleas clarify what you mean by "Church Apostasy".” Read my post dear there is no term as ARRANGED by your PREFERENCE in the BIBLE. Take note thats your PREFERRED ARRANGEMENT not ours.

2. What I am discussing is ECHOED simply in what is WRITTEN. An APOSTASY that will happen to the CHURCH as RELAYED by the APOSTLEs when they LEAVE. 

3. What will AFFECT the CHURCH when the apostle leave? the APOSTASY that simple.

The Catholic Church in the beginning is the Church of Christ

Mahina ba ang GANID NA LOBO?

Ryans misguided thinking "Ayusin muna ninyo itong hindi ninyo pagkakaintendihan so we can get back to your business, Jo King."

Matagal lang pong ayus dearrest. Ang ayusin mo dearest ay yun UNAWA ninyo. Mantakin mo naman dear ang LAYO ng UNAWA MO dun sa SINABI ni Cath.

And I though you harbor good reasoning but its faltering to the HILARIOUS side of being SILLY. No dear, I am not talking about CHILI. 
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