Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Charice Pempengco's Conversion not out of Belief but Violence

I left the Catholic faith because their practice of worshiping images was never
practiced nor taught by the Apostles. If Charice wants to a Catholic then
thats her choice.

Excuse me dear the INC are not fanatics. We are all human like you. We never said we are perfect. the teachings of Christ and Apostles may be perfect but we as their followers are not. That is why we need salvation.
We are indeed saddened for the experiences Charice and her mother underwent from a person who should have been their defender. Who wouldn’t. That is why the INC leadership would not hesitate to expel the evil brethrens who do not abide by the teachings in the bible.
Regarding post of Flewen :

Yes, we do clean our own dearest. But for some they took refuge in other faiths instead of trusting their leaders to help or guide them. Thats their decision. Its not that surprising. The INC leadership can only extend their hand but they cannot force a brethren to take it if they won’t. Charice and her Mother probably found comfort from famous personalities of your faith.
And it wouldn’t be surprising their awe in meeting such influential and famous people who have extended their hand. Its not surprising if they decided to switch to your faith. it happens. People can easily be taken by such earthly glitters.
As you can see the decision to convert was not borne out of FAITH but out of a VERY BAD EXPERIENCE. Not out of BELIEF but of VIOLENCE that has haunted them.
Do remember that their are countless catholic wives who are being subjected to violence to the same magnitude if not greater. What have you done to prevent it?
You said “your predecessors started it all up by putting mud to the Catholic Church” referring to the papal tiara. We do not adhere to the Adventist point dear. We merely pointed what they knew. Remember however your mentors deny it.
It is a fact written also in the Donation of Constatine. Although this document is already being DENIED by your mentors. It was CLEARLY USED by your church and based on history the Cahtolic church BENEFITED from this document.
“The earliest known instance of the phrase Vicarius Filii Dei is in the Donation of Constantine, now dated between the eighth and the ninth centuries AD.” source wikipedia
So it is not exactly mud that was being thrown at you dear but FACTs written by your mentors then. But later DENIED. The said document was made IN FAVOUR of your POPES and of the Roman Catholic Church.
So please don't blame us for that.
Regarding what you said “she sees brighter life as a Catholic than being an INC”. Well, that would be your personal opinion as you see something based on what you see now. You feel honored by a person of her status converting to your faith which is not surprising. But do consider those who were ABUSED by your PRIESTs and the MANY CATHOLICs being subjected to VIOLENCE by your fellow catholics.
This is in no way mud slinging but a wake call.
A fellow INC of mine was likewise subjected to such VIOLENCE including her mother. If Charice and her mom were subject to a hammer. They were subjected to a bolo in their necks. As a friend I could not help but want to kick her husbands ass but a sober mind calls for another way and that is to take him to our church elders.
Violent characters of people whether in my faith or yours is not condoned by the teachings of Christ or the Apostles. The INC follows the teaching of the apostle to EXPEL THE EVIL BRETHREN.
I regret to say that it is not being done by your faith. Take a good look at what your mentors did when their fellow priests were found to be PEDOPHILEs. Instead of expelling them they TRANSFERRED them to another parishes where the ABUSES CONTINUED.
And your church PAID for the CRIMINAL ACTs to the point of bankruptcy.
Is this mud? or is this the TRUTH? well, judge for yourself. It is recorded in the COURT RECORDs of the US. My aunt whose a devout catholic in LA was so embarass when she knew the priest who officiated her marriage was convicted of rape and child molestation. She’s still a catholic but non practicing one which is not surprising.
Lastly, I agree we cannot force Charice if thats what she believed in. But what did she BELIEVED in? Did your mentors indoctrinated her prior to that ceremony? Guess not, you obviously didn’t point that out in your post, which should have been more important than the ceremony
She converted as you say due to violence she had experience not out of belief in your faith. And that is what I understand in your post.


  1. my reply:

  2. Malapit nang malos iyang Charice na iyan. Nag-pa-convert sa Catholic, kasi Tomboy pala. Malaya siya sa Catholic na makipag-relasyon sa kapwa babae....

  3. One question lang kay apocalysis.

    Bakit walang asawa yung mga clergy ninyo,gayung sabi ni Cristo at utos ng Diyos na dapat ay may asawa at pamilya ang mga saserdote.

  4. please make a blog about the debate of bro. parba vs. getgano....


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