Sunday, November 18, 2012

Flewen's reason of Charice issue

Flewens reaction regarding what I stated "Yes, we do clean our own dearest. But for some they took refuge in other faiths instead of trusting their leaders to help or guide them. Thats their decision. Its not that surprising. The INC leadership can only extend their hand but they cannot force a brethren to take it if they won’t. Charice and her Mother probably found comfort from famous personalities of your faith.]"

Flewen's response:
"because they know the truthfulness if you are in the Catholic Fold. The INC members who were boasting in the online world about their church were silence about Ms. Charice’s situation. Remember how her mother became a battered wife which is very saddenning and hilarious. This situation only shows that not all the time, that when a former non-INC becomes part of your fold, imperfections always exist in your church." 
Come again dear "because they know the truthfulness if you are in the Catholic Fold." don't be silly dear. What truthfulness are your implying? You cannot even find the term TRINITY in your BIBLE nor can you even find the very statement that you've so easily believe like "THREE PERSONS IN ONE GOD". Where can you FIND THAT in your BIBLE?

If you cannot find that in the VERY BIBLE you so PROUDLY OWN then where's the TRUTHFULNESS in that my dear? You can dish out that term but when push comes to shove your just a typical catholic whose CLUELESS to your faith as your PRIEST.

Believe me dear Flewen I know because I was a catholic like most INC's are.

So lets continue on you hilarious think that "The INC members who were boasting in the online world about their church were silence about Ms. Charice’s situation"

Boasting??? of course not dear we are merely proud of our Church as many filipinos like you have accepted. From the least to the leaders of many nations. Silence? about Charice's situation? what silence are your referring to dearest? The INC continues in its many acitivities from the PROPAGATION of OUR FAITH to  the CONTINUED BUILDING of many LANDMARK HOUSES OF WORSHIP here and abroad my dearest.

We continue in our MEDICAL AND DENTAL MISSIONs that landed us in the Guinness World Book of records.

Do wake up dear and smell the roses. We regret as a fellow human being would to what happend to Charice mother. And I find it quite sad that you FIND the situation of Charice mother to be HILARIOUS as you say.

What a HYPOCRITICAL LINE of thinking you have dearest Flewen . On one side you first  find the situation of Charice's mother to be SADDENING and yet you also find it to be HILARIOUS???

HILARIOUS??? YOU find Charice's mothers being a BATTERED wife to be HILARIOUS???

Sorry to say this dearest but don't you find your statement to be a bit SICK in the HEAD.

Its obvious that your post was not because your SADDENED of what happened to Charice's mother but your ILL INTENTION  just to show as you say "that not all the time, that when a former non-INC becomes part of your fold, imperfections always exist in your church."

I am a bit saddened on your SELFISH line of thinking dearest. The INC never said that when one becomes a INC ones life can be PERFECT.

We never said we are PERFECT dear so why are you so keen to note that imperfections exist in our church. Thats why we follow the TEACHINGs of the APOSTLEs and CHRIST to EXPEL the EVIL BRETHREN.

Take note AGAIN dearest that teaching was during the APOSTLES time. They KNEW quite well that IMPERFECTIONs indeed EXIST in the TRUE CHURCH even during their TIME.

The imperfections exists in ANYONE dearest even your POPE. People within any church my dear Flewen are IMPERFECT. The question is does your church follow the teaching of EXPELLING your EVIL BRETHREN? Like your PEDOPHILE PRIEST. Which we all know are being kept and PROTECTED by your CATHOLIC AUTHORITIES as we NOW KNOW.

Thats why your thinking is just plain old SILLY dear. Your post is obviously based only on your ILL INTENTION to put the INC in a bad light.

The INC never promised that one can have a perfect life in the church. Thats what your misguided thinking would like to presume and when the issue of Charice mother came up you wrote a post that was based only on your mistaken belief that the INC teaches that upon conversion life would be perfect.

Of course not dearest. The INC has never taught what you obviously would LIKE TO THINK dear.

When I converted I never expected life in the INC would be perfect.  But the journey is worthwhile when you find that the teachings are actually the true light written in the scriptures and thus your guide to EVERLASTING LIFE.

Life is a constant struggle and words of the ALMIGHTY written in the bible is where the TRUE FOLLOWERs dear take NOTE TRUE FOLLOWERs  get their STRENGTH.


Can you say the same? Christ said: the "ONLY" TRUE GOD is the FATHER. John 17:3-5

Lets see if you can truly STAND by what you said dearest that as you said "they know the truthfulness if you are in the Catholic Fold"

So tell me dearest Flewen, where in your BIBLE doest it say that the TRUE CHURCH is NAMED after the CATHOLIC name?

Do take note dearest if you CANNOT FIND it in your very BIBLE those who preached a gospel other than what the apostles had preached will most certainly be ETERNALLY CONDEMNED including of course those who have FOLLOWED such FALSE TEACHINGs.
Galatians 1:7…Evidently some people are throwing you into confusion and are trying to pervert the gospel of Christ. 8 But even if we or an ANGEL FROM HEAVEN should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, LET HIM BE ETERNALLY CONDEMNED!
So lets see the TRUTHFULNESS your talking about dear Flewen answer that simple question.


  1. Hellow q po ang blog niyo....just continue the good fight for the TRUTH to defense the Church of Christ against to our enemy. Godbless you! :)

  2. Thanks for dropping by. We need not be alarmed by their misguided accusations as they are just people like me then who were blinded by FALSE TEACHINGs.

    Their preachers is as clueless as they are which is not surprising.

    We should always be thankful to the Almighty Father who continues to guide us thru Ka Eduardo.

    Magtumibay po tayo lagi sa ating mga pagtitipon, sa ating mga pagsamba sa tunay na Dios.

    God Bless us all. Good day po.

  3. The explanation from brother Jo is very precised in the sense that our dear Flewen should examine their beliefs thoroughly so he may found their false teachings. To God be the glory.


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