Thursday, November 15, 2012

Flewen Got it but Whose the LIAR?

Let us quote our dearest post in his reply to my post when I said "

In answer to what I said "Excuse me dear the INC are not fanatics." Flewen made this remark below


"I did not say that INCs are fanatics." - Flewen
Its quite clear what Flewen said he did not say that INCs are fanatics. My statement was based on what you said dear Flewen heres a copy of your post:

Really my dearest Flewen either your forgetful or just plain old silly LIAR.

Take note of what your post dearest said:
"I only showed up to you INC FANATICS that INC members are not perfect" - Flewen
See dearest it is not us whose  HYPOCRITE but you. On one end our dear Flewen says this and later DENIEs having said it.

Lets continue Flewens answer on my statement "We are all human like you":
"I did not even say that you are not human,"- Flewen
Well, I never said that you said it my dear. I was merely stating a fact with regards to the PREMISE of being IMPERFECT with regards to one FOLLOWING the teachings of Christ and the aposltes. Thats the premise of my statement thats why in my next statement  I said "We never said we are perfect.". With regards to ones following the teachings of the apostles.

Ang you replied that:

"I never said you are perfect." - Flewen
Well dear I'm glad you KNOW that but I NEVER said also that you said we are perfect. The PREMISE of  my STATEMENTs was with regard to ONES FOLLOWING THE TEACHINGS OF Christ and the APOSTLEs. Thats the POINT of my next statement which goes like this "the teachings of Christ and Apostles may be perfect but we as their followers are not. That is why we need salvation."

So it was not with REGARDs to what you think you said or have not said my dear Flewen.

Now based on the said statement here's a question of our dear Flewen:

"so salvation comes from ???" - Flewen

The answer is already in my STATEMENT dearest. From "the teachings of Christ and Apostles" follow it don't DENY it.

Ok lets continue I stated "We are indeed saddened for the experiences Charice and her mother underwent from a person who should have been their defender. Who wouldn’t. That is why the INC leadership would not hesitate to expel the evil brethrens who do not abide by the teachings in the bible"

And Flewen's response:
"her father remained to be an INC member until his death.- Flewen
Mainly because neither Charice nor her mother have made a written statement on things that was happening in their family. The INC cannot arbitrarily expel anyone merely by hearsay. The affected parties should be the one informing our elders for them to act on the matter. We know they didnot tread that path.

Be that as it  may the action of a person will still follows him or her come judgement day. So whether you accept it or not the INC expels evil brethrens who refuses to abide by the teachings in the bible. That simple.

Unlike you we do not use Church funds to settle legal obligations of your priets who commit crimes like your PEDOPHILE PRIESTs.

We do not re-assign them to another congregation like your Catholic authorities did where your PEDOPHILE PRIESTs continued in commiting PERVERSE SEXUAL PREDATORY activities in his new congregation to the detriment of your flock.

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