Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Flewens' Concern in Expelling

I mentioned to Flewen "The INC follows the teaching of the apostle to EXPEL THE EVIL BRETHREN."

I cannot tell that because the father of Charice remained to be a member of INC even if how many times he did so many bad things to his family.
Of course not dear. How can you? your not an INC. It is only in the local congregation where that person is currently under will the announcement be done once expelled.

For your information we don't brag about such an event. We are more saddened if a brethren is being expelled. But it has to be done. Especially for those who refuses to attend worship services anymore. Unlike yours, you don't really give that much importance if your brethren is attending or not.

Heck your pastors do not care enough actually to go the narrow road of putting enough effort to know if your flock is still within the fold of worshipping the Almighty. They NEVER did anything to that EXTENT now did they? What they have is are EXCUSES.

Again lets go back to the issue, that is if Charice family or any immediate relative or friends or INC members brought  that issues to the church leaders in writing.

Anyway, it is not for us to decide such things. As you can see despite the wrongful acts of Charice father both she and her mom still has certain amount of LOVE for this man.

Whether you believe it or not the INC dearest does EXPEL the evil brethren in our ranks. If Charice father remained an INC  it is just because no one nor Charice or her mom brought the issue to the elders to properly evaluate said issue.

The INC does not arbitrarily expel a brethren without someone attesting to a wrongful act. A brethren is still given a chance to change and repent. Until such time he or she is found to be unrepenting and refuses to change his or her wrongful ways.

Can we blame them? Charice and her mom obviously still care for this man even for the bad things he had done.

He must have done something good in the past that they couldnot just bring themselves to totally condemn him.

Anyway, dearest the act of expelling is the rightful thing to do as this was taught by the Apostles.

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