Saturday, November 24, 2012

Flewens Thinking on Conversion and prevention

With regards to the point of CONVERSION I said “[As you can see the decision to convert was not borne out of FAITH but out of a VERY BAD EXPERIENCE. Not out of BELIEF but of VIOLENCE that has haunted them.]”

Flewens response: 
actually, when I watched one of the episodes of SAKSI [when it was still in the early Primetime slot] regarding her conversion, she was actually excited and dreamed of to convert to the Catholic Faith after her mothers reversion. So when Charice with her brother were asked if they’re willing to convert, they answered affirmatively and with sincerity.  

See what I meant dear. Their conversion was never out of FAITH. They were simply ask and as you said were automatically willing to convert without having heard the teachings of the CATHOLIC FAITH. 

I ask Flewen "[Do remember that their are countless catholic wives who are being subjected to violence to the same magnitude if not greater. What have you done to prevent it?]"

flewens Reponse:

the Catholic Church provided Family and Life Apostolate for the victims of abuses from either husband, wife or children, they were given seminars, comfort and and husband-wife-children care programs that helped many couple to sustain and maintain their status and continue the sweetness of their relationship. But this is not popular because the church doesn’t need to publicize this kind of program because BECs [basic Ecclesial Communities] are there to advertise the programs of the church.

Well, if that were true then what have they done to prevent the violence within your church. Surely, dearest if it were indeed EFFECTIVE then you would have channeled this information to your brethren. But we know of many catholics who HAVE NEVER HEARD of such program.

For a program to be EFFECTIVE dear the members should be INFORMED of such a program. It is just probably one of those miniscule activity that really WAS NEVER GIVEN IMPORTANCE by your church.

In television we can see the many news of beaten wives and children. Yet we cannot see any action from your church.

Well, its not really that surprising as with the many VICTIMs of your PEDOPHILE priests. We can see that your Catholic authorities never really acted on the problem of ABUSES. They merely TRANSFERRED the PEDOPHILE priest to another congregation where we now know the Catholic church really is the PROTECTOR of such SEXUAL PREDATORs.

If such programs does exist as you say in your church dear. Then why did your members had to go to COURT just to get JUSTICE for the BESTIAL things your very priest had done?

Actually, we know you never did anything to help the countless wives being beaten or children being sexually abused by your pedophile priest.

For until now it still CONTINUEs. For the Catholic church PROTECTs your pedophile priest.

So come again you said "that helped many couple to sustain and maintain their status and continue the sweetness of their relationship"

Well, why then can we find in every parts of the country the rising number of catholic separations, broken families, neglected children, and beaten wives???

Sorry the program you mentioned seems to be only for a chosen few. 

In fact, it seems that even a prominent member of yours like Kris Aquino's marriage. If that program was indeed effective then why is it her marriage didn't seem to find the COMFORT your IMPLYING? nor was your SEMINAR effective enough to keep them together nor did it SUSTAIN nor MANTAIN the SWEETNESS OF THEIR RELATIONSHIP. 

From the news that we can hear of, there seems to be a lot of BITTERNESS that emanated from their relationship. Surely for Kris status and CLOSENESS with the upper echelons of your CATHOLIC AUTHORITIEs. She of all people would have wide ACCESS to those PROGRAMs dear. 

Your programs seems to be INEFFECTIVE even for the a prominent celebrity like Kris. 

How about that of the marriage of another prominent figure Chiz Escudero. Did your programs and seminars HELP in MAINTAINING or SUSTAINING the SWEETNESS of THEIR RELATIONSHIP?

It seems your selling your programs and seminars that really DOES NOT DELIVER what your trying to IMPLY dearest. We're not that naive as you are dear.

Do wake up and understand that your seminars and programs is INEFFECTIVE if not USELESS. Especially, if it cannot even do anything to your most prominent members that should set a good example of your programs but we KNOW better now don't we?

You do ACCEPT this TRUTHFULLNESS now don't you dear? 


  1. Try this is not just another INC blog. It is created to give full and correct information about INC. Let us help each other for the propagation of our faith. God bless us all! Please join this site. Your "not just another" brother in Christ, Ges Mun.

  2. One question...

    Do you think that we INC members forced your devotees to convert to our faith?

    Ako,prime example ng kusang loob na umanib sa Iglesia.Walang pumilit sa akin.


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