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These Savage Wolves will come AFTER the apostles had LEFT. They are in

The SAVAGE WOLVEs that would come. The Men whol will DISTORT THE TRUTH.

The passage by Apostle Paul on what would likely occur after he leaves. That is when the APOSTASY would start, when the apostles have left.

29 I know that AFTER I LEAVESAVAGE WOLVES will come in AMONG YOU and WILL NOT SPARE THE FLOCK. 30 Even FROM YOUR OWN NUMBER MEN will arise and DISTORT THE TRUTH in order to draw away disciples after them.  Acts 20:23-34 (New International Version)
WHAT will surely come when apostle Paul had left? "SAVAGE WOLVES"

WHEN will this SAVAGE WOLVES come? apostle Paul says "AFTER I LEAVE".

And WHERE will these SAVAGE WOLVES come from? "will come in AMONG YOU "
And WHO are these SAVAGE WOLVEs and WHAT will they do? "FROM YOUR OWN NUMBER MEN will arise and DISTORT THE TRUTH in order TO DRAW AWAY disciples after them"

Some Catholic defenders would likely say that NOT ALL WILL BE APOSTATIZED or follow those men who will DISTORT THE TRUTH.

Fair enough now let me POINT YOU to what apostle Paul said to those followers who remained faithful and would not follow these men who will DISTORT THE TRUTH. Will they be SPARED by these SAVAGE WOLVEs? "SAVAGE WOLVES will come in AMONG YOU and WILL NOT SPARE THE FLOCK"

Those WHO WILL NOT FOLLOW those MEN who DISTORT THE TRUTH WILL NOT BE SPARED. So who do you think WILL remain in that new order? obvious don't you think. The APOSTASY is a fact that the APOSTLEs had warned of that will come AFTER THEY LEAVE.

Those who held on to the TRUTH even though they die will LIVE. Thats what Christ promised to his TRUE FOLLOWERs.

Those who TURNED THEIR BACKs to the TRUTH and followed DECEIVING SPIRITS or the men who DISTORTs the TRUTH will be CONDEMNED.

So REMEMBER what apostle Paul had said when they leave, the one who will come AFTER THEM does not have in mind the WORK and FAITH of the apostle had.

He pointed out clearly that the men who will rise AMONG THEM AFTER THEY LEAVE will DISTORT THE TRUTH. Obviously those who will not follow them and remained FAITHFUL will NOT BE SPARED.

Take a good look to what the Catholic Authorities did to those who REFUSED to follow them. Remember the INQUISITION. Is this an act of CHRISTIANITY or BRUTALITY? Do you think that the TRUE CHURCH  of CHRIST would CONDONE such ATROCITIES? obviously not.

Do you Catholics in all honesty believe that your Catholic Authorities ACTED based on the GOSPEL of Christ in TORTURING and BURNING people thru this Inquisition?

That is why the Iglesia Ni Cristo knows for sure that the APOSTASY pointed out by the apostles is TRUE.

Please take a good look, and understand the warning of apostle Paul on THOSE WHO so PROUDLY connect to the apostles thru historical and apostolic succession.

It is not a GUARANTEE but rather used as a DECEPTION. But thru the SCRIPTURES we can be ENLIGHTENED to WHO are those who will COME AFTER THE APOSTLES HAD LEFT.

For the scriptures ATTEST that the ones who will come when the apostles have left are the ones who will DISTORT THE TRUTH and WILL NOT SPARE THE FLOCK. Do take note of that.

For Apostle Paul pointed out clearly that the one who would succeed them will not be LIKE THEM nor will abide to what the apostles and Christ had preached.

Apostle Paul said they are SAVAGE WOLVEs OF MEN WHO WILL RISE AMONG THEM TO DISTORT THE TRUTH with the intent to DRAW AWAY DISCIPLEs after them.

Take a good look which church ABANDONED the name of the CHURCH OF CHRIST for ANOTHER NAME. It is not surprising therefore that those who boast of APOSTOLIC SUCCESSION or HISTORICAL CONTINUITY are the ones apostles had WARNED who will DISTORT THE TRUTH and WILL NOT SPARE THE FLOCK.

The apostles taught that the only mediator between God and men is the man Jesus Christ. But they went even further to make Mary a MEDIATRIX. Was this ever preached by the apostles? What verse? the answer is obvious don't you think.

If you can't find it then you know that the APOSTASY that the apostles warned about was indeed TRUE.

They made for themselves IDOLs of WORSHIP to which the apostle have nothing to do with. What verse in the scriptures taught of this matter?

If catholics think that they are not worshipping those idols then why would one kneel and BOW DOWN to a block of wood or stone? or even PRAY to it. What for? do be honest with yourselves.

If its just an honest representation, then what passage in the bible allows this type of practice of KNEELING & BOWING DOWN to these idols or even PRAYING to them, if it is just a REPRESENTATION? Remember Galatians:
So please be honest, where is it written or what gospel allows you to do this? The apostles with all certainty never taught such things. Nor ALLOWED this to happen during there time.

How about PURGATORY? where in the scriptures do you find that? Or the practice of INDULGENCE where in the scriptures, did the apostles ever taught that? Infant BAPTISM? did the apostle preach this? Remember this passage:
"DO NOT GO BEYOND WHAT IS WRITTEN." 1 Corinthians 4:6 (New International Version)
If the above teachings of the Catholics are the gospel taught by the apostles then WHERE in the scriptures can we find these teachings? If you can't find it then you know that those who preached these things WILL BE ETERNALLY CONDEMNED. Including those who follow them.

This is why we have come to this understanding that the Catholic Church is the fulfillment of Apostles prophecy of the APOSTASY. For they ABANDONED not only the faith taught by the apostles then but even ABANDONED the NAME of Christ Church... the Church of Christ.

If the Catholic Authorities gave DUE IMPORTANCE to the name of the CHURCH OF CHRIST then why would they abandon it for another?

These are the points I wish bring to your attention.

These are just one of the reasons I decided to pursue the teachings of the INC and was fortunate to have come to the true knowledge the scriptures provided. 

We should all be concerned of the faith we have.  The INC is not your enemy, our common enemy are the FALSE TEACHINGs being passed by false religions as if they are the gospel taught by Christ and the apostles.

The INC believe it or not does not consider catholics to be our enemies. For if that were true then there would never be converts like me.  Whether you accept it or not most of the INC's came from the catholic denomination.

In behalf of the Iglesia Ni Cristo we would like to invite Catholics and other religions to consider attending our bible studies and study the teachings of the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

Find out for yourself not from people who are CONDEMNED because they REFUSED to love the TRUTH and so be SAVED.
THEY PERISH because THEY REFUSED TO LOVE THE TRUTH and SO BE SAVED. 11 For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the LIE 12 and so that all WILL BE CONDEMNED who have NOT BELIEVED THE TRUTH but HAVE DELIGHTED IN WICKEDNESSThessalonians 2:10-12 (NIV) 
The TRUTH is WRITTEN in the scriptures be aware of that. It is our GUIDING LIGHT. 

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